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LVT clients rave about LVT.

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June 12, 2024
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Meg Moore
Marketing Writer

It’s a fact. When security professionals choose LiveView Technologies, they deploy the most advanced security system on the market and reduce crime exponentially. LVT’s cutting-edge surveillance business security cameras combat organized retail crime, defend critical infrastructure, protect construction sites, and reduce shoplifting incidents.

We have the numbers to back it up. Anywhere the LVT Platform is deployed, safety and security increase as crime decreases. The LVT Platform is proven to decrease violent crime by more than 60%, parking lot incidents by 70%, and shoplifting by 66%.

LVT Units, our cutting-edge, advanced mobile surveillance security systems are portable, customizable, and fully autonomous. Backed by the intelligent, cloud-based LVT Platform, the two work in tandem to eliminate security threats, increase security teams’ efficiency, and protect any sized property anywhere in the world.

But don’t take our word for it—our customers discovered the difference with LVT. From hazardous weather events to frequent breaches, LVT’s unparalleled technology improves business security, and delivers an incredible return on investment.


LVT offers the ultimate benefit businesses need in a surveillance system: remote accessibility.

But why does that particular feature matter?

Remote security is economical and efficient. While human intelligence remains imperative to make informed security decisions, leveraging automated solutions reduces costs and maximizes the efforts of a company’s team. Take staffing, for example. For large properties that require many people to keep watch around the clock, remote cameras that provide real-time alerts only require one person to oversee that same space—with quick results.

“Over a three-month period, we had 13 security breaches with thieves breaking into more than 100 trailers at one of our distribution centers,” a home improvement store’s senior supply chain asset protection manager said. “Since deploying LVT Units, we’ve eliminated all incidents, reduced guard payroll, and have experienced substantial results overall.”

When Thanksgiving Point needed to protect nearly the garden’s 3 million annual visitors, its 110,000-spot parking lot, and deter hungry deer from feasting on over a million flowers and plants—LVT was on the case.

“LVT gives you 24/7 visibility,” Thanksgiving Point Security Operations Manager Chris Watson said. “It’s like having a security guard standing there watching the entire time.”

Remote security also delivers peace of mind. No matter your industry, security is non-negotiable. LVT offers both proactive and reactive security solutions, allowing for a comprehensive approach that minimizes risks and vulnerabilities.

“We have millions of dollars’ worth of equipment in a very remote location and limited access to utilities or power,” Wohali Managing Partner David Boyden said about the company’s construction site. “It is a high target for general malfeasance, so the fact that we have security that is solar-powered and is completely mobile is awesome. And because of LiveView Technologies, we have had zero vandalism.”

With LVT Units watching over your assets, day and night, rain or shine, company leaders, local government authorities, customers, and even voters, feel safer.

“With COVID-19, we had to deal with a lot of factors and adjust on the fly,” Anne Arundel County Board of Elections Deputy Director David Garreis said after the 2020 presidential election. “Having something so versatile and flexible alleviated a lot of the logistical problems you have to deal with when you plan for an election.”


The cloud-based LVT Platform differentiates us from our competitors. It allows users to:

  • Manipulate their cameras.
  • Access live footage.
  • Review past recordings and images.
  • Access livestream and archived footage on a smartphone, computer, or tablet.
  • Speak directly to those on your property, play recorded soundbites, and deter potential criminals with our speaker.
  • Connect through their phone or desktop to the two-way speaker to speak to anyone near the unit live, rather than providing a recorded message.

While other security systems are bogged down with wires, Wi-Fi signals, and wait times, LVT’s cutting-edge cloud-based system provides a turnkey solution that is easy to use and can be up and running in minutes. 


There’s a real advantage that mobile security trailers deliver for companies that provide critical infrastructure. When millions of people depend on your services, the security solution must rise to the challenge. LVT Units provide continuous monitoring, off-the-grid capabilities, rapid deployment, and the ability to scale the network quickly. This ensures companies are online, operational, and on the grid—negating threats from weather, power shortages, and bad actors.

Interconnected renewable energy sites are mostly located in remote areas, which makes live and remote monitoring—without access to hardwire connections—a top priority. In addition to real-time alerts, security and operations teams need to deter theft and vandalism, protect equipment, and ensure that only approved personnel have access to the site. 

“We needed the ability to deploy security in a timely manner and the stability of working with a valued partner,” said Phil Brophy, Enel’s Head of Security Services USA and Canada. “It’s not just a security solution. It’s an operations solution.”


Endurance defines LVT Units because they are engineered for resilience. With an ingress protection rating (IP) of 54, the mobile surveillance security systems can withstand dust storms, downpours, and gale-force winds up to 60 mph. Despite harrowing conditions, you need a security system that weathers the storm.

West Yellowstone receives more than 150 inches of snow, making most webcam solutions to observe, track, and create time-lapse videos irrelevant. To entice web visitors, the city needed a reliable, live webcam—one that could withstand harsh weather conditions and give users the ability pan, zoom, and tilt remotely, to discover a remote reservoir and its surrounding area throughout the year.

“The LVT Unit has been a real asset,” West Yellowstone Administrator Kristy Coffin said. “The embedded livestream on our website allows people to see what we have to offer without leaving their homes.” 

But their endurance isn’t limited to bad weather. In situations where conventional power and connectivity sources fail—such as natural disasters—LVT Units remain operational. Our solar-powered security cameras are complemented by backup smart generators and don’t require a Wi-Fi connection to function.

“After a hurricane hits, building materials are in high demand. We were paying security guards $12,000 a week to protect sites and we wanted to reduce that outlay,” a building supply company’s facilities manager said. “Since we set up LVT Units, we’ve had zero incidents.”


Criminals like to think that going off the grid and heading to a rural area to commit a crime improves their chances of not getting caught. LVT stops them in their tracks. Construction managers, landfill owners, and other remote businesses use LVT Units to receive instant alerts about suspicious activities. All you need is a web-enabled device, logged in from wherever you are in the world, and our units provide the tools you need right then to send law enforcement to your site as quickly as possible. 

“The monitoring and alert systems are incredible,” a logistics company’s asset protection expert said. “And during our trial, we had no break-ins and no thefts. Where do we sign?”

“We needed a quiet, unobtrusive solution and LVT delivers,” an asset protection manager for a corporate real estate firm said. “We love the functionality, including the off-hour messages and direct links to the suspicious events, and our customers and employees feel much safer.”


Whether an area has unpredictable weather or unstable power connections, our customers never have to worry about an internet signal or a power outage. Our LVT Units harness the power of the sun and deliver service no matter what happens around them. 

Renewable energy is one reason the Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo, Utah, selected LVT Units to protect the plots 24/7 from thieves and late-night trespassers.

“One of my favorite features is that this [system runs] off of solar power and I am able to see every direction of the garden,” Volunteer Coordinator and Community Garden Manager Hillary Whittaker said. “It has also been fun to see how much has changed and grown since the camera was put in.”


LVT knows no two sites are the same, so we offer a wide range of surveillance options. Whether you need to monitor a parking lot, protect expensive parking equipment, or watch for trespassers on hundreds of acres of land, we can help.

When residential development company Aspect Homes struggled to curtail construction theft across its sites, leaders needed a solution to stop the issue and curb the substantial delays and cost.

It was very effective,” Aspect Homes Founder and Construction Consultant Mickey Stratton said. “I’ve had no theft—and most buildings in the area experienced theft.”

Many local municipalities and universities choose LVT Units for their flexibility, reliability, portability, and uninterrupted views.

Utah County Emergency Management needed more eyes, in more places, for more time, across its vast 2,144-square-mile county limits. From popup vaccine clinics and voting sites to special needs facilities and known crime hotspots, local police wanted to augment their abilities to protect residents—and move quickly when necessary.

“LVT fills the monitoring gap that we had for significantly less than 24/7 human surveillance,” Utah County Emergency Manager Lieutenant Peter Quittner said.

To best protect the Puyallup Nation’s Public Safety Division needed to improve surveillance, security measures, and team efficiency throughout the reservation, particularly at events as well as in remote areas throughout Washington. 

“Each [LVT] Unit is a set of eyes where you can’t have your own,” Puyallup Nation Public Safety Director Dennis Young said. “The cameras also create situational awareness, which is the most important part of this job.”

And trash is a huge headache for leaders in Camden, New Jersey. Amid efforts to redevelop and reinvest in their neighborhoods, city officials needed a cost-effective way to deter the illegal dumping of an average of 43,000 tons of trash every year, costing nearly $4.5 million every year.

“The deterrence factor of LVT has been huge,” Keith L. Walker, Director of Public Works said. “Nobody stops. They just drive by.”

University public safety officials credit LVT as a key asset in their fight against crime on campus.

Our mobile surveillance system strengthens existing security measures by addressing the gaps in staffing that public safety departments often experience.

“LVT Units ensure we can deliver on our mission to keep our students, teachers, and staff safe,” said the director of campus security and chief of police for a large public university in Texas.


Unlike traditional security methods, LVT's solution focuses on deterrence and is proven to deter retail crimes. Some of the world’s biggest retailers, from drug store and grocery chains to home improvement centers and electronics purveyors, trust LVT Units to increase parking lot security and safety.

The results speak volumes. One client saw a 62% reduction in high-risk crimes and a 69% decrease in grab-and-go thefts. Other retail clients experienced an immediate impact with LVT Units and said:

  • “Before testing LVT Units across 12 locations, our client had two to three armed robberies each week,” a security systems analyst for a leading pharmacy chain said. “One month into the pilot program and there were ZERO.”
  • “During our summer trial, when foot traffic is highest, we reduced overall incidents by 30%,” said another major pharmacy chain’s asset protection leader. “The number of violent store takeovers decreased substantially as well.”
  • “Whenever we set up an LVT Unit, we eliminate suspicious activities and security incidents by 100%,” an asset protection manager for a construction materials retail distributor said.
  • “We had one to two incidents a week in our California stores,” the director of asset protection for a major home goods store said. “Since deploying LVT Units in those parking lots, we haven’t had a single theft in 16 months.”
  • “Since setting up LVT Units at our Chicago Distribution Center, we eliminated every incident of theft and fence breach,” the asset protection manager for a major electronics retailer said.

Our customers know LVT provides the best security strategy for their business. No matter your security needs, our team can design a customized solution that will address your challenges. Contact us today for a demo.

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