LVT Mobile Video Surveillance Units

LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Safety and Security

What is Mobile Surveillance?

Mobile surveillance refers to the use of portable devices like a Mobile Surveillance Trailer and technology to monitor and track individuals, vehicles, or activities in real-time. This can include tools like GPS tracking, mobile surveillance cameras, and software that can be installed on smartphones to gather data on movements and communications. Widely used by law enforcement, private investigators, and businesses, the mobile surveillance system helps enhance mobile security, ensure compliance, and gather critical information efficiently.

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Who is LVT?

LVT, or LiveView Technologies, is the premier provider of mobile surveillance camera technology. LVT Units are proven to increase safety on your property. They use cloud-based software to show what is happening on your property at any time from any web-enable device.

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Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Units

Why Use Mobile Surveillance Units?

LVT Units help businesses to deter:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Violent crime
  • Loitering
  • Panhandling 
  • Trespassing
  • Parking lot incidents

To find out more about our Mobile Surveillance Trailers and how LVT can help your specific business operate more safely and effectively, schedule a demo.

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Components of Mobile Surveillance Units

D3 Mobile Video Surveillance Unit

The D3 Live Unit is a cutting-edge, cloud-based remote surveillance system. It provides a turn-key mobile security solution for perimeter detection, deterrence, and alert-based monitoring with remote video monitoring options. The solar surveillance trailer is completely portable and is easy to deploy, relocate, or remove because it does not require hardwired connections. Instead, The D3 Live Unit combines solar power and batteries with cellular connectivity and proprietary software to protect your property.

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Omni Mobile Video Surveillance Unit

The Omni is a video solution that provides advanced video monitoring to any location. It integrates with our iOS and Android mobile apps so you can monitor your surveillance whenever and wherever you need.

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Mobile Surveillance Equipment Means Security Wherever, Whenever

LVT Surveillance Unit Features and Benefits

LVT’s surveillance units offer cutting-edge features such as high-definition security cameras, advanced intrusion detection, and real-time video streaming. Our mobile security trailer is solar-powered and wireless, ensuring easy deployment and reliable operation in any location. With cloud-based storage and remote access capabilities, users can monitor and review footage from anywhere. The units enhance security, reduce theft, and provide peace of mind, making them ideal for construction sites, parking lots, event venues, and any other remote locations.

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