Rapidly deployed surveillance. No internet, no power, no problem.

Enterprise-ready cloud-based surveillance, 24/7 live control, detection, and world class sensors all set up in less than 30 minutes.

See how a large retailer decreased parking lot incidents by 70%
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VMS    |    LIVE MONITORING    |    real-time ALerts

LVT Software Platform & VMS

All cameras and sensors are managed in one secure cloud-based system, accessible from anywhere in the world. Securely login to configure sensors, alerts, lighting effects, two-way speakers, and camera patrols.

Just login and you can talk to someone crossing your parking lot or construction site, and they can respond.

And with completely customizable camera settings and map-based navigation, you can monitor your assets anywhere in the world.

Cameras anywhere you need them

Rapidly Deployed

LVT cameras don't need internet, power, or wires. Just set them where you need surveillance and log in to the LVT Platform. You'll be able to view live video, retrieve recorded video, set alerts and notifications preferences, and a host of other features.

These LVT units can be deployed in mere minutes and can be accessed and controlled from anywhere.

The days of clunky surveillance systems are over.



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LVT security is not limited to a single use case. Discover how we help with events, critical infrastructure, and more.

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"There will always be a need in certain situations to have a physical security guard, but LiveView Technologies allows the industry to really revolutionize that model."
John Doggette, Director Asset Protection | LOWE'S

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