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The mission of the ACCESS Taskforce is to make communities safer by increasing collaboration between retailers, local government, law enforcement, and solution providers.

Make communities safer and more secure

A 40% Decrease In Shoplifting

According to the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), LVT Units are an effective deterrent for shoplifters. See what the LPRC says about LVT's impact on other crimes plaguing retailers.


Opelika, AL

“The influx of shoppers ahead of the holiday season creates additional complexities at brick and mortar locations. In an effort to best serve the friends and families that make up the heart of Opelika, we are excited to partner with LVT and our valued local retailers to streamline response efforts and bolster community safety.”
—Opelika Chief of Police Shane Healey

Paducah, Ky

“Paducah is a regional shopping hub with numerous national and local retailers. As such, Paducah sees increased retail crime, particularly during the fast-approaching holiday shopping season. We are constantly working to improve the quality of life and decrease crime in Paducah. We believe that deploying LVT’s security units in partnership with local retailers will improve our ability to diminish crime and care for not only our citizens, but also visitors to Paducah.”
—Paducah Police Chief Brian Laird

Proven Results for Retailers and Law Enforcement

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    LVT contributed to a 40% decrease in shoplifting in Opelika, Alabama.
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    LVT contributed to a 43% decrease in trespassing in Paducah, Kentucky.
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    Paducah experienced a 54% drop in burglaries 6 months after deployment.
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    Both communities experienced a 15% decrease in property crime.
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    Overall, crime rates fell 10% six months after deployment.
LVT’s enterprise surveillance systems provide proven results for both retailers and law enforcement. Businesses with LVT Units saw a decrease in crimes and an increase in community safety.


In A Nutshell

Reversing Course of Crime

Thanks to LVT, cities are seeing a reversal of year-over-year crime increases.


The ACCESS Taskforce, or Alliance of Companies and Communities to Enhance Safety and Security, is a four-pronged effort to increase community safety by reducing retail crime. Local retailers, government, and the police departments work with LVT to collect and share data that tracks retail crimes.

decrease in parking lot incidents

reduction of shoplifting events

Collecting the Data

Putting The Team In Action

The ACCESS Taskforce was put to the test in Opelika, AL and Paducah, KY. LVT deployed nearly 50 mobile surveillance units to the retail parking lots in the two cities. Once the units were placed, retailers, police, and the cities shared data with the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) who helped track trends and anonymize the data. This data is available to the public, and will allow participants to get ahead of crime to make their cities safer.

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Another set of eyes

See the REsults

Both Opelika, AL and Paducah, KY have seen dramatic reductions in crime since deployment. Take a look at these numbers!

Download The Infographic

See the REsults

Both Opelika, AL and Paducah, KY have seen dramatic reductions in crime since deployment. Take a look at these numbers!

Download The Infographic
Lasting Change

Working as a Team to Increase Safety

“The goal of ACCESS is change. We want to challenge the status quo and start working together to solve these problems instead of working as siloed or individual cities, retailers, police departments, and solution providers.”

—David Studdert, Chief Business Development Officer, LVT

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LVT is looking for retailers to expand the ACCESS Taskforce across America. Contact us here to learn more about how you can make a difference in your community.