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April 8, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Thanksgiving Point is located in Lehi, Utah just north of LiveView Technologies. They have 13 buildings, eight venues, and two campuses. This includes a PGA standard golf course, a working farm, and a 55-acre garden. Each year, Thanksgiving Point runs multiple festivals and special events which bring upwards of 280,000 visitors to their location. These include their annual Tulip Festival and Luminaria, a holiday light festival.

Thanksgiving Point partnered with LVT to help prevent property damage to their extensive gardens, to cars in their parking lot, and more. While the units do help deter human theft and damage, they also deter deer from eating and trampling plants.

“It’s been huge. Two or three deer can do tens of thousands of dollars in damage overnight, and when you’ve got a tulip festival going on, it’s a pretty big deal,” said Jeff Dunn the Director of Protective Services at Thanksgiving Point. Tulips only grow once per year so if they are destroyed Thanksgiving Point not only loses the money from having to replant with other flowers, but they also have a huge lost opportunity cost.

The LVT Units are stationed outside of the garden. They are triggered when a deer attempts to enter the garden and the security team is alerted. The units will play loud sounds and flash bright lights to scare away the deer. This year, Thanksgiving Point was even able to extend their tulip festival because the flowers were still in bloom. Dunn credits LVT as part of this extension.

“LiveView Technologies is a partner that we can’t do without,” said Dunn who mentioned the deterrence factor of the LVT Units is effective on people as well as on deer. Since they partnered with LVT, they have seen zero car break-ins where they used to average a dozen break-ins during festivals.

Dunn likened the unit to placing a security guard right in their parking lot 24/7. By augmenting their security force with LVT Units, Thanksgiving Point is able to direct their personnel to where they need to be and better utilize their time and efforts. “The deterrence factor of the cameras is invaluable,” he said.

Furthermore, the units help deter and warn trespassers on Sundays when the facility is closed. The units alert the security team and they can choose to either play a prerecorded message or live audio without driving to the location on their day off.

LVT Founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer David Studdert is thrilled to be working with someone so close to home. “It means the world to us. We have a national footprint with over 5,000 units coast-to-coast…For us to be good neighbors and good stewards of the community speaks to the core of what we hope to accomplish.”

“Our goal,” said Studdert, “is to make the world a little bit safer” whether that is keeping over 1 million plants safe from deer or preventing break-ins and trespassing. Read the Thanksgiving Point case study and visit their website to learn more about them.

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