Hurricane Protocol For Your LVT Unit

This is a step by step process to securing your LVT Unit to withstand hurricane weather.

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August 28, 2023
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According to the most recent weather reports, your area is in the likely path of an incoming hurricane or storm. High winds associated with hurricanes can cause damage to LVT Units if proper action is not taken. When high-force winds above 60 miles per hour are anticipated, we highly recommend taking precautions to protect the Live Unit and its accompanying trailer or mount.

If possible, move the unit into a covered, secure location. Details to take down the unit are provided here and below.

If it is not possible to shelter the unit, please take the following actions (also provided in the video):

  1. Turn off the power
  1. Lower the mast
  1. Remove the head unit and store in the camera storage box
  1. Pull the solar lock handle to lower the top solar panel and lock it in the A-frame position
  1. Lift the tongue into the upright, locked position
  1. Leave the stabilizing legs extended and ensure that the trailer tires are firmly on the ground.
  1. Store the guy wire and any other loose material in the burlap sack located in the battery box. Take care to ensure that the metal guy wire is NOT in contact with any part of the battery bank. 

Note: If you would like to move your unit to a more secure location and continue to use the it from the secure location, please follow the steps included in the “Take Down” video above and then follow the setup/install instructions contained in the links below. To plug into shore power and avoid downtime due to the location or weather conditions, you’ll find the port to plug your extension cord into on the driver side battery box closest to the trailer tongue.

PDF: Live Unit User Guide PDF

Additional instructions and videos

Safety Check: Towing

Safety Check: Unit Setup

Safety Check: Guy-Wires

Safety Check: Moving the Trailer

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the LVT Technical Support Team at 888-588-9408 or via email at

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