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Meet the LVT Platform

This is a world-class, cloud-based VMS and surveillance command center available at your desk, in your home office, or on your smartphone. Get a taste of what LiveView Technologies can do with our cutting-edge video surveillance system.

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LVT Software In ACtion

"Criminals will find a way to circumvent security measures, even if they hit several retailers at one time. It's awful hard to stop those individuals that commit those crimes, so this is a perfect time to partner with LVT as we come up on the holiday when we see an increase in organized retail crime, to try to deter some of that crime and lower the crime rate in the local community."
Scott Pilcher — District Manager, Advance Auto Parts
"The first thing we've noticed was the clarity of what we were looking at in the LVT Unit cameras. It's about three times the range of what we have with our building cameras, which is excellent. I mean, we're deploying fewer cameras for more coverage."
JF Lescarbeau — Operations Division, Cruise America
"You look at pros and cons when you're developing a security plan and you're looking to add another piece to your security operational plan. There was absolutely no downside: Deterrents, the ability to live view, the ability to look from anywhere. There was just complete upside using the LVT units"
Eric Golebieski — VP Security Ops, Caesars Entertainment

Security at your fingertips

Reliable, self-healing, and remotely updated OS

App-based monitoring

Straightforward surveillance

Our video monitoring app allows you to customize your surveillance and security from one dashboard. With a single tap, you can view live feeds, watch recordings, check thermal signatures, speak through the two-way speaker, set up alerts and surveillance zones, and even move the cameras.

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Why it matters

One platform
Multiple capabilities

With our security software, you have the power to assemble the perfect surveillance system by combining multiple features that work together to protect your assets. Choose your level of deterrence and defense and control each individual feature from our dashboard. 

You can add two, ten, or thousands of LVT devices to your dashboard and have immediate remote access to any of them anywhere in the world. All you have to do is log in, select the unit you would like to monitor, and tap into the live footage with one click.

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Security data you can actually use

Our end-to-end security system is the only tool you need to monitor your units, compile surveillance analytics, and convert them into actionable security data that can help you save time, identify weak points in your perimeter, and protect your assets more effectively.

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We’re the best at what we do

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our collection of detailed case studies for an inside look at how we help a variety of industries secure their assets.

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Access live feeds, adjust camera angles, receive real-time alerts, and so much more from one easy-to-use platform. Contact an LVT security expert today for a free quote.

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