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We’re a united team with a shared mission

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Our values

We have four company values at LVT. Each value stems from our company’s history and the challenges that we have faced. Furthermore, each value continues to guide us, and not just as words on a poster.


Before anything else, we are determined to do right by each other and in our work. We don’t cut corners or take the easy way out. We work hard to do our work the right way and to do right by our customers and coworkers.

This creates a solid foundation for happy and successful employees, an enduring culture, and great partnerships.


Similar to how rowing crews have to work together to get their boat across the finish line, we believe we have to synchronize our efforts as a business to move forward. We are part of a crew.

Everyone’s part might look different, but we all have to dig our oars in and pull in order to go anywhere. We are all part of the team’s success.


This value has dual meaning for LVT employees. The first one is to step up and take responsibility for your job. This includes being deliberate in how we invest our time and resources.

The second meaning stems from our stock option plan for employees. We need to act like owners of the company because we are owners.


Our last value is based on a story when our CEO Ryan Porter was forced to chew through a strap on his rental car keyring to make a meeting with a potential client. The strap was filthy, but Porter still chewed through it.

To chew the strap means that we do what we have to, even when we don’t want to. We push through unfavorable circumstances and fight in order to succeed.

Benefits for the now, ownership for the future

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This is a fast-paced environment with a builder mentality. We want people who are all in.

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Employee stock options

Every full-time employee is eligible to participate in our stock program.

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We offer competitive salaries because we know that our employees are our best investment.

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We offer a generous benefit package, and even cover a large portion of the premiums. This includes medical, dental, and vision as well as free short-term and long-term disability insurance.

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