What are LVT’s Security Solutions?

LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Business Surveillance

Commercial Security Solutions

Liveview Technologies (LVT) offers top-notch security solutions by providing clients with first-class security equipment and unmatched surveillance software. Our cutting-edge technology helps ensure that assets are securely monitored and protected for clients across various industries.

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Discover, Deter, Defend

Retail and Property Management

LVT® Units are proven to increase life safety and security at stores, strip malls, and more. Our retail security cameras are stationed in the parking lot to deter crime and bad actors from entering the location.

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Live Surveillance Fast

Public Sector

From police departments to college campuses, from city buildings to government property, LVT video surveillance can help those who serve us increase life safety and security. Whether you need to watch traffic patterns, crowds, or voting locations, LVT Units can be set up in minutes.

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