How Does LVT Improve Business Security?

Learn five ways LVT can improve business security.

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January 23, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

The funny thing about an effective security system is that it’s difficult to know if it’s working. After all, it’s pretty hard to measure all of the crimes that aren’t happening.

In an effort to really understand what was—or wasn’t, as the case may be—happening with security effects, LiveView Technologies (LVT) joined forces with two American cities and the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) to form the ACCESS Taskforce.

The idea was straightforward: LVT deployed 49 Live Units for six months to Opelika, Alabama, and Paducah, Kentucky. Local retailers, government, and the police departments from both cities worked with LVT and LPRC to collect and share data tracking retail crime.

The results were clear:

  • A 10% decrease in crime rates.
  • A 15% decrease in property crime.
  • A 40% decrease in shoplifting in Opelika.
  • A 43% decrease in trespassing in Paducah.
  • A 54% drop in burglaries in Paducah.

But what is LVT doing to improve security so drastically? And how can you use an LVT Unit to enhance your own company’s security?

Set it up anywhere.

Usually, when we think of enterprise security camera systems, we think of massive systems hardwired into the building. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with that expense (or hassle) with the LTV mobile units.

Each unit is self-contained and takes only a couple of minutes to set up. No need to wire it in anywhere (it uses solar panels for power). No need to connect it to your Wi-Fi (it uses cellular connection to the cloud). Fully set up, it only takes up the area of a single parking space, making it ideal to place anywhere in a parking lot or jobsite. You can even move it as needed.

Using the LVT Platform can help you see patterns over time, enabling you to reposition your cameras for maximum efficiency whenever you need.

Stop crime before it even happens.

Wrongdoers love easy marks about as much as they hate being on camera. Spoil their day by using an LVT Unit as part of your retail security system to advertise that you are not an easy target and they will be recorded for their entire visit.

An LVT Unit is easily visible with its pole-mounted camera and sleek design, leaving no doubt in their minds that you have a business camera security system.

In the unfortunate event something does still occur, all your footage is safely stored in the cloud, enabling you to easily share evidence.

Keep watch 24/7—without losing sleep.

While it’s a good security practice to keep your site and parking lot lit for easy visibility, LVT cameras have night vision and thermal options that allow you to see at all hours of the night. Thanks to thermal capabilities, you can even see right through camouflage as thermal sensors use heat for detection instead of only what is visible.

And while you technically can keep your eyes glued to your screen at all times, there’s no need to; advanced detection technology alerts you whenever things aren’t as they should be. One of the benefits of advanced detection is it won’t mistake tree branches and insects for trespassers.

If you have a security team in place, the advanced detection enables them to work more effectively, focusing on strategy and actively securing your site instead of dozing off while staring at an unblinking screen.

(Note that if you would still like live monitoring on your cameras, LVT is partnered with reputable live agent monitoring services and can connect you with an agency as needed.)

Respond to problems immediately.

LVT’s advanced detection doesn’t just alert you when there’s a problem: It can trigger a full response from the unit itself. Equipped with loudspeakers, flashing lights, and floodlights, the LVT Unit instantly acts to alert wrongdoers that their presence hasn’t gone unnoticed (which is often enough to send them packing before any real damage is done).

The accompanying alert to you and your team enables you to respond with whatever additional action may be required. The speed of the notification particularly value because police are much quicker to respond to a crime in progress than a crime that has already occurred.

View it from anywhere, anytime.

LVT’s cloud-native platform allows for seamless updates, uninterrupted server growth, and easy data retrieval. The cellular connection to the cloud eliminates the need for that classic scene of a small, stuffy room filled with monitors (although you could still set it up that way if your heart is bent on the idea). Instead, you can access your video feed from your regular laptop while at your desk, your smartphone while playing golf, your tablet while relaxing on your couch—you get the idea.

It's your connection and your data to do with as you please. No one else has access to it without you specifically granting that access (with the exception of LVT for maintenance purposes).

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