4 Advantages of Mobile Security Trailers

Business security cameras that can move with you as you grow and even relocate, has huge advantages. Read why.

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January 23, 2024
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

Nothing beats the convenience of a portable solution. Using a portable charger beats being tethered to a wall outlet for a couple of hours. Keeping a mini fridge under your desk is easier than walking to the industrial fridge in the break room. Blasting a portable air conditioner is better than sitting in a stifling room. Microwaving a Hot Pocket is quicker than going to a sit-down pizza restaurant. 

Sometimes, portable is just better. And when it comes to security, that definitely holds true. 

The dynamic nature of security threats often calls for quick and adaptable responses. Portable security solutions offer the advantage of quick deployment to any location, without the constraints of traditional fixed security systems. From rapid deployment capabilities to minimal environmental impact, let’s explore how LVT’s mobile security trailers meet security needs in a convenient and scalable way. 


Rapidly deployed surveillance is essential across various industries (retail, construction, and law enforcement, to name a few) where incidents like theft, vandalism, or security risks can occur and persist until appropriate security measures are put in place. 

Opting for traditional security methods could mean waiting for weeks—or even months—to develop a plan, obtain approvals, and secure bids for the systems. And that wait will be extended while cement is demolished, holes are drilled, and wires and cameras are installed. Then, new concrete will need to be poured, and that concrete will take days to set (and up to a month to reach full strength). Most businesses can’t afford to wait that long. Each passing day offers another opportunity for criminals to strike again. This jeopardizes the safety of customers, employees, property, and company assets.

LVT’s outdoor camera security systems offer a quick solution without sacrificing quality—seriously, our cameras are second-to-none. LVT Units can be deployed to your site in a matter of days, and once they arrive, they take minutes to set up. No tools, no drilling, and no heavy construction involved.  

Whether you’re securing a construction site, preventing retail theft, or maintaining public safety during gatherings, the ability to quickly deploy and set up these mobile security trailers can save you a lot of time, money, and labor. 


LVT proudly stands at the forefront of environmental sustainability with its portable security solutions. Because of our non-invasive setup process, our units leave no trace or permanent impact on the environment. Hello, green footprint.  

Our commitment to eco-friendliness extends to the way our units are powered. Our units rely on solar power as a main source of energy, which reduces reliance on traditional energy sources and lowers the carbon footprint. The cherry on top is that solar power is cost effective; other than the cost of the solar panels themselves, solar power is essentially free energy. And when solar energy alone is not enough, our smart generators kick into gear. This advanced technology outperforms traditional diesel-powered models while caring for the environment. Everyone wins except the criminals.


Regardless of your industry or use case, flexibility and scalability are crucial elements of an effective surveillance solution. In retail and in the public sector, mobile surveillance camera trailers can be strategically positioned to monitor large crowds and deter theft and assault. Law enforcement can use portable security solutions to monitor community spaces and enhance public safety. In the construction industry where project sites are ever-changing, the ability to relocate surveillance units allows for continuous security coverage throughout different stages of construction. 

Your security needs are bound to evolve over time. Portable outdoor camera security systems can be effortlessly scaled up or down, or relocated depending on your specific requirements. Investing in such a scalable solution will prove worthwhile time and time again as it seamlessly adapts to future challenges and advancements. And, by embracing the power of scalability, your security will always stay one step ahead.


While it would be nice if selecting the right location for your business, event, or project could prevent unwanted incidents, the unfortunate reality is that vandalism, theft, and other security issues can occur anywhere. The good news is that portable security trailers can help you combat this challenge.

LVT’s trailers are designed to operate off-grid, which makes them the perfect choice for remote areas where access to reliable power sources is limited. Whether it's a construction site tucked away in a remote location or an outdoor event in the heart of your community, LVT's portable trailers ensure that security is never compromised.

In other words: Crime may know no boundaries, but neither do LVT's mobile surveillance camera trailers. 


The ability to respond swiftly to emerging threats and time-sensitive situations is paramount in safeguarding assets, property, and people. With their rapid deployment capabilities, flexible scalability, minimal environmental impact, and the ability to operate off the grid, LVT's mobile security trailers provide a convenient and reliable way to protect any site. 

Whether you’re securing a construction site, protecting outdoor public events, or monitoring temporary facilities, a portable security solution will allow you to quickly and proactively deter catastrophes.

Choose LVT for peace of mind and effective security wherever and whenever you need it.

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