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At LVT, defense is our game. Our technology helps businesses defend against crime while increasing safety in the communities where we live, work, and play. As the official jersey sponsor of the Utah Jazz, we’re proud to partner with a legendary franchise who understands that an elite defense gives you a competitive edge.

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At LVT, we're fighting back against the increase in crime across the country. Our technology combines software and hardware for a life safety and security solution that is a proven crime deterrent. Here's what we’ve achieved:
Reduction in Theft
Less Parking Lot Incidents
Reduction in Violent Crime
Increase in Arrests
Our LVT® Units and proprietary video management system are used by businesses, first responders, utility companies, construction crews, and more to protect their people and assets. With headquarters down the road from the Delta Center, the home of the Utah Jazz, we’re proud to design, build, and deploy the world’s premier security solutions—from right here in Utah.
Making a Difference

LVT In Action

LVT’s mission is to make the world safer and more secure. Our technology helps communities achieve a 10% overall reduction in crime. Whether you’re searching for a solution to deter thieves and vandals from your business or hoping to join our team, see how LVT is making a difference in the lives of everyday Americans.

Who We Are

Behind The Logo

LVT stands for LiveView Technologies. Our solutions are trusted by the biggest names in retail, transportation, critical infrastructure, property management, public safety, and countless other industries across the United States.

Founded in Utah in 2005, LVT is now 400+ employees strong with thousands of units deployed across the country helping to create safer communities.

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LVT + Utah Jazz

A Partnership Forged Here

When people feel safe, communities are better. That’s at the core of what we do at LVT. We bring that same passion to the Utah Jazz community. Whether it’s outside the Delta Center, at your workplace, or in your neighborhood—when you see the LVT Platform, know that we’re working to keep you safe and secure. Read our press release to learn more about our commitment to community safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. You have questions. Check out our FAQ covering the partnership with the Jazz, the LVT Platform and how we increase safety and reduce crime.

Who is LVT?

LVT provides a rapidly deployed safety and security surveillance platform (LVT® Platform) to private and public industries, including the largest retailers in the world. The LVT Platform, a combination of hardware (units) and software, provides access to real-time data to quickly deter crime and improve community safety.

What are the benefits of having the LVT platform at the Delta Center?

Anywhere the LVT Platform is deployed, safety and security increase as crime decreases. The LVT Platform is proven to decrease parking lot incidents by 70%, theft by 40%, and violent crime by more than 60%.

Why are LVT units at the Delta Center?

The Delta Center security team is committed to eliminating crime and improving safety for all fans and guests. By deploying the LVT Platform at the arena, we are helping increase safety so you can focus on the game.

Are my city officials aware this is here? Are the Utah Jazz?

Yes. LVT is working closely with local law enforcement and government officials, as well as the leaders of the Utah Jazz and the Delta Center.

Where can I learn more about the LVT platform and LVT units? provides more information on the LVT Platform and provides examples of how it has helped deter bad actors from breaking in, stealing, trespassing, and more.

Am I being recorded?

Cameras on the LVT Units are recording 24/7, but live feeds and footage are only accessible by LVT and the Delta Center security team. They can coordinate with law enforcement when suspicious activity is detected so they can respond appropriately to improve the safety and security of the arena.

Who has access to the footage?

The Delta Center owns all camera footage and data obtained from the LVT Units on their property. They alone can provide access to those requesting it including law enforcement. Limited LVT employees have access to the footage in order to provide technical support and quality control, but they are not able to provide access to anyone other than the owner of the footage without the explicit permission of said owner.

How does the LVT platform increase safety?

Anywhere the LVT Platform is deployed, safety and security increase as crime decreases. The LVT Platform is proven to decrease violent crime by more than 60%, parking lot incidents by 70%, and trespassing by 40%.

The LVT Platform provides a live video feed 24/7 regardless of light or weather, and provides law enforcement with evidence in matters of prosecution.

The LVT Platform notifies the business where the unit is deployed so they can coordinate with law enforcement when suspicious activity is detected, allowing them to respond appropriately.

Does LVT provide home security?

We are focused on providing increased safety and security to businesses and communities.
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