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Restoring Sight

LVT is proud to partner with the Daybreak Vision Project to bring cataract surgery to those in greatest need, restoring sight, life, and hope.

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Addressing the Leading cause of Blindness

Blind or visually impaired individuals affected by cataracts worldwide
Of those affected by cataracts live in the developing world
The simple material cost of sight-restoring cataract surgery
The time in which this life-changing procedure can be performed
LVT + Daybreak


Each year, LVT sponsors multiple Daybreak Vision Project trips to countries in Africa. LVT employees and their families volunteer for 10–14 days to help Daybreak’s doctors and nurses complete hundreds of surgeries each trip. Even though each surgery costs as little as $25, it can make all the difference to the recipient.

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How Cataracts affect Daily life

The impact of Outreach

Cataracts are cloudy patches on the eye's lens, primarily affecting older adults. They can lead to blurry or foggy vision and potential blindness if untreated. They develop due to aging, injuries, diabetes, and other factors like ultraviolet light exposure, malnutrition, trauma, and genetics. Treatment involves surgically removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear one through a quick and inexpensive procedure lasting about 10 minutes.

Beyond vision loss, cataracts impact life expectancy, poverty rates, and relationships. Access to cataract surgery significantly improves quality of life.

Summary of the Last Daybreak + LVT Trip

Cataract surgeries performed during a single trip
Procedures completed in one day
Local eye surgeons trained in cataract surgery
Other local medical personnel trained
Safety and Security

Giving more than sight

As a leader in surveillance and security, LVT understands how essential sight is to our safety and wellbeing. It's why we support Daybreak Vision Project in their mission to restore sight to those suffering from cataracts. Through Daybreak Vision Project, LVT has been able to witness firsthand how critical the gift of sight is to the health, family, and future of patients in Africa and around the world.

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Hear the Stories From Those Who Have Experienced it Firsthand

"After my surgery, my vision was something out of this world. Everything was bright and clear, and I was happy, joyful, and thankful. It was not only I who benefited from the surgery, but also the hundreds I saw around me. The workers of LVT/Daybreak Vision project were so loving and patient, hugging and helping these people. Thank you for allowing me to see again!"
Msgr Roger Aboteyuure
Surgery Patient, Age 87 - Bolgatanga
“What an experience to literally watch hundreds of people in an instant receive their sight. I was hooked! I subsequently volunteered for outreaches in Ethiopia and currently in Ghana. I am thrilled every time I get to go and experience the miracle of sight. And now gathering the stories of the patients who come to receive this miracle of sight is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”
Wendy Keeler
Photographer - Daybreak Vision Project
“The impact of cataract surgeries in Zambia was life-changing for patients, medical staff, and volunteers. Each morning, "patch removal" brought overwhelming joy as patients regained sight, creating unforgettable moments of elation. Departing from Mongu, the Lewanika Hospital staff eagerly sought Daybreak Vision Project t-shirts, symbolizing their pride and connection to the transformative initiative.”
Laura Darymple
Technical Lead - Technical Success Management - LVT
"I began to have troubles seeing during school and reading and writing 3 years ago. I am excited now to see! I now want to help others like me - and become an eye doctor!"
Graham Agoo
Surgery Patient, Age 13 - Bolgatanga
Portrait of Blaze Call
“Experiencing the moment when a person can see again after being blind for years is incredible. Cataract surgery seems so simple, but it changes the lives of so many people. When a parent gains their sight back it means their kids can go back to school, and it has a lasting effect on many generations. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help the people in Zambia, and I'm proud of LVT for putting so much support behind such an important cause.”
Blaze Call
Intermediate Cloud Engineer - LVT
"Thank you very much! God Bless You! Because of God and LVT / Daybreak Vision Project my mother and I can see!
Francis Agana
Surgery Patient, Age 42 - Bolgatanga
“This was a life changing experience for me and my wife to participate in helping restore sight to those blinded by cataracts. We witnessed so many modern miracles. So many lessons learned from the people in Ghana.”
Tyler Dunaway
Mid-Market Account Manager - LVT


Daybreak Vision Project is also working to train doctors and medical professionals in country to increase the number of patients they serve. Your donation helps fund these trainings and, in turn, more procedures.

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