LVT can help with parking lot security to increase the security at your event. Here's how.

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March 28, 2024
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Meg Moore
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When large groups gather, security teams must be ready for anything. From concerts and music festivals to sporting events and parades, college graduations, political rallies, and demonstrations, massive events create massive safety and security issues.

Integrating an enterprise security camera system, especially one that’s portable, covers all the bases and changes the game for public safety teams. Strategic deployment of the cameras—from surrounding streets to stadium parking lots—provides staff with more visibility into what’s happening on the ground in real time. This helps them know when and where they need to be, and fast.

While the ticket holders may hold different interests, from concertgoers or diehard sports fanatics to recent graduates or political protestors, venue security professionals know their guests’ safety must headline every event.

LiveView Technologies provides it.


Every year, 156 professional golfers hit the links in at a major championship in Rochester, New York. With more than 225,000 spectators and 1,000 staff members heading to the action, officers from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office are assigned to deter crime—on and off the course—over the week-long event. 

The police force needed to:

  • Increase situational awareness across a 355-acre golf course and surrounding city neighborhoods
  • Identify and mitigate potential threats to athletes, fans, and staff
  • Secure multiple open parking facilities and manage traffic flow
  • Prevent and deter trespassers
  • Reduce potential for violent crime, as well as theft and vandalism

LVT Units positioned across the event site provided unobtrusive security measures with incredible results, including:

  • Zero incidents across all key areas inside and outside the venue
  • Seamless integration within existing course and county security systems
  • Enhanced infrastructure deterred potential criminal acts
  • Eagle- (and bogey-) eyed portable security cameras, with real-time monitoring and live-streaming capabilities, assessed and mitigated potential threats

“LVT offers the ability to provide event organizers hassle-free, cost-effective security operations,” Security 101 Owner and CEO Victor Wainright said. “There are so many local events that require these kinds of short-term, high-impact options without complicated setup and infrastructure constraints.”


Mobile security camera towers deter potential criminals. According to a University of North Carolina at Charlotte comparison of deliberate and impulsive burglars, more than 80% look for visible security measures, like an alarm or video surveillance cameras before breaking in.

Effective enterprise security camera systems are proactive, complete with integrated layers of video surveillance capabilities including 360-degree remote monitoring and robust video analytics. Add features like motion sensors, lights, thermal imaging, and alarm systems and LVT Units are a home run for parking lot security.

Salvatore DeAngelis, the Philadelphia Phillies' Director of Operations and Security, has a packed calendar. In addition to 81 home games, the complex hosts an additional 250 events every year. Past seasons brought Major League Baseball playoffs, the World Series, the National Hockey League Winter Classic, and the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Citizens Bank Park in South Philadelphia—each with its unique security challenges.

In April 2019, the organization achieved the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s

 SAFETY Act designation. But DeAngelis knows there’s always more to do.

“We have great coverage inside our ballpark. We have great coverage on the immediate exterior of our ballpark,” DeAngelis said. “But we saw a need for the vast reaches of our parking lot, where our internal cameras system couldn’t reach and we wouldn’t have coverage for things such as theft, burglary, assault, and any other incidents.”

LVT Units are part of the team’s solution. Since the units are portable, DeAngelis’s team can move them to different locations as security needs dictate.

“These are great for one-off events, festivals, or the things you may not have the infrastructure for hard cameras,” DeAngelis said. “You still need to deploy something.”


Security professionals know that crowd behavior can change in an instant, and understanding these dynamics is essential. Effective public safety teams watch for, and respond swiftly, to:

  • Herding behavior: When people follow the crowd’s movement without using their best judgment on the best course of action
  • Groupthink: This occurs when people follow along with others’ dysfunctional decisions, which can lead to irrational actions within the crowd
  • Mob mentality: Large groups can bring out an individual’s aggressive and impulsive behavior—and give others the license to join in

LVT Units’ public announcement systems help keep crowds safe by offering the ability to deliver:

  • Parking lot announcements
  • Emergency or scheduled alerts
  • Gate regulation
  • Threat deterrence


One LVT client who stages events considers fans’ travel time—from their homes to the stadium and back—as part of the overall experience.

Managing traffic can be a deciding factor. While event managers can’t control traffic on the roads and freeways, they can control the flow of traffic in their parking lot and as fans head to the ticket gates on foot.

LVT Units serve as the event manager’s eyes in the sky and help people to move swiftly to and from their seats. With live footage from LVT cameras, the venue’s event staff can direct cars in real time to open parking stalls, divert foot traffic to different entry gates, and direct vehicles to the different exits to avoid clogs and their inevitable delays. LVT is a tool they use to manage large crowds more efficiently.

Our customers trust LVT to keep entertainment eventgoers safe, deter would-be criminals, and defend against bad actors. Ready to learn more about LVT?  Contact our team today for a demo.

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