LVT Case Study

Thanksgiving Point

Lehi, UT
Thanksgiving Point is a non-profit farm, garden, and museum complex located in Lehi, Utah. It’s made up of 13 buildings, eight venues, and two campuses. This includes museums, a PGA standard golf course, a working farm, and a 55-acre garden. Every year, Thanksgiving Point hosts multiple festivals and outdoor events that draw thousands of visitors from around the world.
United States Capitol

“LVT gives you 24/7 visibility. It’s like having a security guard standing there watching the entire time.”

Chris Watson
Head of Security


24/7 monitoring

Active deterrence

with strobe lights, flood lights, and loudspeaker


over 1 million plants from foraging deer


a 1,000 space parking lot, accommodating 110,000 cars during events

Another set of eyes


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