Audio is an important feature to LVT security solutions. Here's why.

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October 10, 2023
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

When I hear Taylor Swift blaring from my phone speakers at 7:20 on a weekday morning, I know it’s time to get out of bed. 

When I hear the bell ringing as I walk by my local elementary school, I know a flood of kids is about to exit the building. 

When I hear the high-pitched “beep beep” of my alarm system, I know that someone has opened a door or window in my house. 

When I hear my mom use my full name, I know I’ve messed up. 

Whether a voice, a jingle, or an alarm, sound is powerful. It can signal something urgent, bring back a memory, or even trigger an emotional response. The right sound at the right time can command attention and compel action. Audio is a tool that can be harnessed for various purposes, especially in the realm of security and protection.

When it comes to protecting your property and assets, having eyes and ears on site is crucial. But with LiveView Technologies (LVT), you also get a voice. In this blog, we’ll explore three ways to use LVT’s loudspeakers to take your security to the next level. 


LVT’s audio capabilities go beyond just sounding an alarm when a perimeter is breached. Our surveillance systems are equipped with advanced features like behavior-based audio alerts, scheduled announcements, and live communication. We’ll explain how and why to use each of these features below. 


LVT Units are smart; they can detect people, vehicles, objects, and behaviors. When an unwanted event is detected, the edge controller automatically triggers relevant audio messages through the unit’s integrated speaker. 

For example, if an LVT Unit detects someone loitering after business hours in a retail parking lot, it can automatically play an announcement instructing them to leave the premises. The audio message acts as an immediate warning. Plus, this event will trigger a notification so your security team can get immediate eyes on the situation through the live video feed.

Detection-based audio acts as a first line of defense while security teams are mobilizing, and removes reliance on in-person monitoring. These immediate verbal warnings provide a more direct deterrent against unwanted activities compared to solutions like silent alarms or flashing lights. 


In addition to behavior-based audio messages, LVT surveillance systems allow for scheduled audio announcements. These messages can be pre-scheduled to play at any time and can even loop throughout the day.

For instance, a hospital with an LVT Unit in their parking lot could schedule periodic announcements reminding people to wear masks upon entering the facility. School zones could schedule audio messages before and after school hours cautioning drivers to slow down and be vigilant of pedestrians. Public parks could play scheduled daily notifications of park hours, rules regarding littering, and reminders to leash pets.

Scheduled recurring messages reinforce policies, regulations, and safety advisories without requiring manual activation by your staff. They increase compliance, heighten security awareness, and enhance safety. Whether you own a retail location, need to secure a public park, or something else entirely, these audio reminders can be customized to fit your unique needs. 


Some messages need to be said in real time, by a real person. We get that—that’s why LVT units allow live communication. From either a desktop or mobile device, your security team can talk directly through the unit to communicate with people onsite.

If a guard monitoring a closed store notices suspicious individuals loitering via the security feed, they can immediately talk through the unit speaker and warn them that police have been notified and are on the way. 

Live audio also enables security teams to provide assistance remotely. For example, hospital administrators can communicate through the units to help guide patients and visitors to proper entrances and parking areas. 

By utilizing LVT’s live audio feature, you gain a flexible tool to detect, communicate, and respond to situations in real time—without the need to be onsite in potentially dangerous situations. 


With the ability to detect events, sound warnings, schedule timely announcements, and enable instant talk down—all remotely through the cloud—LVT surveillance systems provide robust, adaptable security for any and every environment. 

From deterring theft to managing crowds to responding to emergencies, our security cameras without Wi-Fi or internet pair seamlessly with advanced audio features to provide comprehensive, intelligent security. And when you add in the unparalleled resilience of our units, it becomes clear that there isn’t a better security solution out there. 

Ready to maximize your awareness and increase security all while decreasing your team’s workload? Contact our team today to learn how to get started. 

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