LVT products and services are now GSA approved.

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Parking Lot Security

Self-sufficient event security

The best event security is the kind you don’t have to manage. Contact LiveView Technologies today and we’ll set you up with security trailers, cameras, and more. 

Beyond security to event management

Sure, we’ve got more than enough equipment to secure your event, but we’ve also got the tech to help you manage the occasion and make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Effective crowd control 
  • Information broadcasts
  • Traffic coordination
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Rapidly deployed

Mobile event security

Our mobile security trailers are perfect for any venue, both urban and rural. Our units take less than 30 minutes to set up and they don’t require wires or internet connection. Once the event is over, simply hook them up and tow them away.

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Let us help you

Your job just got a lot easier

Our equipment is versatile, dependable, and easy to use. Let LVT lighten your load with our world-class security software and equipment. Contact one of our agents today to create a game plan for your next occasion. 

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The makings of a successful event

You take care of the entertainment—we’ll handle the rest. LVT has everything you need to secure a successful and efficient event.