How Police Departments Use Surveillance and Security During a Protest or Riot

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May 14, 2021
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How Police Departments Use Surveillance and SecurityDuring a Protest or Riot

The last 12 months have revealed the significant challenges law enforcement agencies face when a crowd gathers. The challenge is very real when a group of people gathers for any purpose—whether it’s a sporting event, a concert, or a protest.

Law enforcement is simultaneously tasked with keeping the public safe, ensuring their rights are respected, keeping themselves safe, keeping property safe, and trying to stop criminal behavior. Several police departments across North America have started utilizing LiveView Technologies surveillance and security in these situations.

What makes LVT unique for law enforcement?

  1. Rapid deployment—LVT surveillance systems can be set up in just minutes. You don’t need to run wires, run electricity, or even have internet service. You simply place the camera trailer where you need them and set them up in 30 minutes or less. That means if a crowd is gathering in a certain part of the city, you can immediately roll up with the trailer, unhook it, set it up, and be ready.
  2. Customizable—You don’t know what you’re going to face when you get on the ground. Your needs vary. So LVT cameras are customizable too. All cameras record 24/7 and the video is streamed to the LVT Platform. You can have thermal sensors, license plate sensors, and even deterrent features like strobe lights, flashing blue lights, and custom audio deterrents like custom recordings. You can even have two-way speakers and use the speakers to tell the crowd to disperse or remind them that they’re being recorded.
  3. Completely mobile—The trailers can be hooked up and moved to new locations at will. It takes minutes.
  4. Access anywhere—Because you can log in to the LVT Platform from anywhere on Earth at anytime, you’ll be able to manage your video, manage alerts, see recordings, and even speak through the two-way speakers from anywhere.
  5. Overt visual deterrence—By simply placing the LVT camera unit in high-traffic areas and in areas where a crowd is gathering, they are a deterrent for bad behavior. It simply lets the crowd know they are being recorded. These are not hidden cameras on a telephone pole or attached to a wall. These are camera units on trailers that clearly let the crowd know they’re being watched and recorded.
  6. Audio deterrence—Law enforcement agencies customize audio recordings warning the crowd to disperse, or simply reminding them that they’re under surveillance. These messages alone cause better behavior. They can be recorded, or they can be live. For example, if the crowd is approaching a building, and they start destroying property or vandalizing, you can use the two-way speaker to warn them to stop immediately and remind them they’re being recorded.
  7. Evidentiary recording—In addition to all the amazing functionality, sensors, and flexibility of the LVT hardware, law enforcement agencies also use LVT to assist them in their investigations.  

Let us help.

The bottom line is this: these cameras are designed to let the crowd know they are being recorded. Often the mere appearance of an LVT unit will deter a crowd and deter unlawful behavior. Deterrence doesn’t work every time. So, when it doesn’t, you have the recordings to show what happened. The cameras can be moved, zoomed, tilted, and focused so you can clearly see what’s happening and who it is. Furthermore, LVT automated alerts and notifications can help you easily identify timecodes where criminal activity occurred.

Police officers have a challenging job. We can be your eye in the sky to help keep you and the public safe whenever a crowd gathers.

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