Portable surveillance systems is a cost effective way to protect your business.

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April 26, 2024
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Meg Moore
Marketing Writer

Keeping a watchful eye on company financial statements, especially the line items tallying operating expenses, comes as second nature for many business leaders. Streamlining costs and maximizing efficiencies comprises a solid business plan—and it’s no different for the line item for parking lot security.

It can be challenging to earmark expenses to enhance parking lot security and surveillance. There are different factors business leaders must consider before deciding on the most cost-effective solution. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive security plan to understand and better assess potential problems. With this information, company leaders can tap their asset protection professionals to recommend the best measures, which can range from hiring a team of professional security guards to installing security cameras.

But for those whose job it is to grow the bottom line, security can be a pricey proposition. Employing a team of professional security guards 24/7 can be expensive. Mean hourly wages for unarmed security guards, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, vary between $15.07 to $29.24 per hour. This totals an annual salary that ranges from $31,350 to $60,820 for each employee.

Installing a network of fixed security cameras in parking lots is expensive and can be out of scope for many business owners. Because parking lots lack the infrastructure that buildings have, direct installation of surveillance cameras is a difficult endeavor. It only becomes more expensive as more cameras are integrated into the security system.

More often than not, deploying portable surveillance systems in parking lots provides businesses with the most cost-effective solution.


While portable surveillance cameras may require an initial, upfront investment, the long-term savings pay for themselves in a short time. Here’s how self-contained and self-powered LVT Units, powered by LVT’s proprietary platform, make a real impact on the bottom line almost immediately:

  • Simple On-Site Installation: While many traditional surveillance camera systems require extensive installation measures, like complex wiring, concrete foundations, or fixed fixtures, LVT eliminates this hassle. Deploying an LVT Unit is an intuitive process for users that doesn’t require specialized tools or manpower. Our simple installation process means that businesses have commercial-grade, live security online and operational in just a short time.
  • Expansive Views: One panoramic camera provides the viewing area that requires several traditional fixed cameras. This reduces the need for multiple cameras on-site, ultimately reducing a company’s licensing and maintenance costs.
  • Solar Power: LVT Units use solar power and consume as little as 1/10th of the power that our competitors’ units use. Our industry-leading uptime translates to customer savings in efficiency, time, and power costs.
  • Reduces Crime Quickly: Anywhere the LVT Platform is deployed, safety and security increase as crime decreases. The LVT Platform is proven to decrease violent crime by more than 60%, parking lot incidents by 70%, and shoplifting by 66%.


As our customers grow, LVT meets their need for scalable parking lot camera systems for their growing surveillance needs—at speed.

Since it only takes hours, not days, to deploy an LVT Unit—without having to install extraneous wires, hook up to power lines, or access the internet, customers can integrate additional portable security cameras seamlessly, quickly, and efficiently.

The results speak for themselves.

“Before testing LVT Units across 12 locations, our client had two to three armed robberies each week,” a security systems analyst for a leading pharmacy chain said. “One month into the pilot program and there were ZERO.”


Portable surveillance systems offer a great return on investment by delivering:

  • A Constant Watch: Gain peace of mind with 24/7 surveillance and enhance operational flexibility.
  •  A Safe Environment: Security cameras ensure the workplace is safe for employees and a place where customers want to return.
  • Remote Monitoring: No matter the conditions, users can tap into a portable surveillance system from anywhere and have the ability to monitor and record activity in real-time to prevent theft, vandalism, and other illicit activities.
  • Solid Evidence Collection: Portable surveillance cameras can identify perpetrators and provide solid video evidence for incidents that occur on-site. This reduces criminals’ interest in committing a crime on that property.
  • An Active Deterrent: Portable security cameras in parking lots demonstrate that a business is prepared to answer threats and pursue prosecution, if necessary, which ultimately deters criminals and reduces crime.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums: Depending on the industry or insurance provider, lowering premiums—and protecting businesses from potential litigation—is easier when a portable security system is on-site.


LVT combines high-tech security equipment with world-class surveillance software delivering a new industry standard in mobile security systems. From customized hardware to an intuitive security platform, integrating our portable security system—complete with live monitoring—can address the budget concerns that an in-house security team can present.

This strategy can work in tandem with guards or reduce a business’s reliance on them as the first line of defense. Since LVT’s equipment focuses on overt security to deter criminals, our systems provide businesses with state-of-the-art detection, unparalleled surveillance, and more “eyes” on the parking lot.

When comparing camera monitoring systems, LVT Units provide:

  • Accessibility: Mobile units can be placed almost anywhere and provide real-time footage, with live-streaming video capabilities via cellular and satellite
  • Adaptability: These systems work in any environment, in all weather conditions
  • Advanced Technology: High-definition video, night vision, loudspeakers, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity, as well as motion sensors, automated alerts, and dedicated iOS and Android apps, allow multiple users to check in as necessary
  • Reliability: Our portable security cameras units monitor sites all day, every day, providing a thorough vantage point throughout the property, with on-site response

Our clients know the LVT difference and choose to deploy the most advanced security system on the market. In fact, one retailer saw a 69% decrease in grab-and-go thefts by placing our portable surveillance system in their parking lots. While LVT Units are typically stationed outside of the store, this retailer found that our units reduced merchandise shrink inside the store because bad actors never entered the building when they saw the cameras.

Another retailer decreased parking lot incidents by up to 70% by deploying LVT Units in their parking lots. These included a reduction in break-ins, violent crimes, loitering, and other incidents that impacted the store’s operations.

“Whenever we implement an LVT Unit, we eliminate suspicious activities and security incidents by 100%,” an asset protection manager for a construction materials retail distributor said.

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