Benefits of Overt Security

We firmly believe in the benefits of overt security solutions. Find out why.

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February 1, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I grew up playing soccer. I alternated between two positions—wing midfielder and goalkeeper. When playing keeper, I always wore the brightest, most obnoxious jersey I could find, normally either a lurid pink or a yellow reminiscent of a highlighter. Apart from a great fashion statement, these jerseys had a practical purpose—to draw attention to the goalkeeper. Obviously, with 22 players on the field and only two that are allowed to use their hands, you need a way to set them apart which is part of the reasoning for the bright jersey. However, there is speculation that by wearing a brightly colored shirt, the goalie actually attracts shots because attackers’ eyes are drawn to the bright color. Another example is during penalty kicks. While they are not allowed off the goal line until the ball is kicked, goalies will often bounce up and down or wave their arms trying to draw the shooter’s attention and cause them to either miss the shot or kick it right at the goalie.

Goalies are the last line of defense. They want to be noticed, to be seen defending their goal. Similarly, we want our units to be seen so people know that you protect your property. LVT Units are blatant. They weigh more than 1,800 pounds and are more than 22 feet tall when fully deployed. We do this on purpose because we believe that overt security has distinct benefits that do not exist in traditional, covert options.

Different behavior

Have you ever spent time around a two-year-old? When they think you’re not watching they get into everything, eat something they’re not supposed to, or make a break for it. However, when they know you’re watching they behave like little angels. Okay, if not angels, then at least better. This awareness follows us throughout our lives. Even as adults we act differently when we are under surveillance. If you don’t believe this, just think of the last time you gave a speech in front of a group of people or were part of a musical performance. When all eyes are on us, we act in a particular way.  

At LVT, we use this awareness to our advantage. We make sure our cameras are seen whether that is in a retail parking lot or at a large music festival. This way people know they are being recorded and will adjust their behavior accordingly.

Added deterrence

Active deterrence conveys two very important messages. First, that you are prepared for threats and confident in your ability to protect your property and assets. Second, that you will defend against crime and prosecute any illegal activity.

The main benefit of overt security is deterrence. Covert security is very reactive—it is only helpful after something happens when you need evidence. LVT’s overt solution also collects evidence. Our cameras capture high-quality images and video, but they go beyond the reactive function of covert solutions with added deterrence factors. These include strobe and floodlights and a two-way speaker.

However, the biggest deterrence factor goes beyond our flashy hardware. Active deterrence includes live alerts and responses through the LVT Platform. Each LVT Unit can have a customized response to intrusions. For example, that could be the lights are turned on and a recorded message is played. What is more, the minute they cross into the area monitored by the unit, you can receive an alert on your phone or computer, tune in live to the unit’s feed, and manage the incident as it happens instead of after the fact.

The power of LVT

LVT Units employ active deterrence and make use of people’s awareness of being monitored. In our experience overt security has all the evidentiary benefits of covert security but also helps prevent criminal activities from happening in the first place. Learn more about overt security by reading this post.

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