The LVT Platform and Why It’s So Cool

The LVT hardware is impressive, but take a look at the software side of things to see just how cool our tech is.

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April 8, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

The LiveView Technologies’ hardware is cool. We offer high quality imaging with optical, thermal, and even fisheye cameras. The D3 Head Unit is completely customizable, and our mobile trailers are great for visibility, versatility, and usability. Frankly, it’s awesome and we’re proud of our product. But a large part of LVT’s security solution is the LVT Platform.

The LVT Platform

The LVT Platform is our proprietary software that pairs with every LVT Unit. Thanks to some seriously cool programming, the LVT Platform can be accessed at work, home, or even on your smartphone. Once you login, you have complete access to your LVT Units. You can pan, zoom, and tilt the cameras in real time, but you can also create and manage the camera presets. This includes customizing the direction, zoom, and angle of the camera, as well as the option to take photos at set intervals with or without a time stamp. You can even control the resolution and the lighting of the photo. Another advantage of the presets is that it saves to your profile, not the physical unit. That way if the unit needs to be replaced, you will have the same settings ready to use.

After you’re done viewing the livestream, the camera will automatically revert to its settings to archive photos and videos. The unit is always recording video, but the majority of it will never be watched/necessary. Therefore, we have created a unique storage system for the footage. You can look up particular dates and times, scrub through photos or video, and retrieve any recording or photos that you want. However, it is not streamed from the unit to the cloud unless it is requested. This way the data, which is stored on hard drives, doesn’t eat data by constantly streaming to the cloud—only the footage you specifically request is sent to the cloud through the cell modem.

The Command Center

The LVT Command Center is one of the advanced options on the LVT Platform where you can see live feed and live alerts as well as see past events. The Command Center is based on a queue. When your LVT Unit is triggered it will respond according to your preferences and settings. Part of this response is to create a recording of the event. This event is then placed in the Command Center queue for your review.

You decide who has access to the queue and can even give different users access to different cameras/locations. You determine what type of event takes priority in the queue—whether that’s a human intrusion or an object. Then you can watch each event and decide what, if any, action is needed. The Command Center also allows you to toggle between camera views (thermal and optical) so you get the best view of the event.

Within each event is a section where you can create a customized list of procedures for your security manager, operator, or monitoring company so they know how to evaluate an event and how they should respond if it is determined to be a threat. This could include listing contacts for the location’s manager or the local police and what type of events need to be brought to their attention. Furthermore, those viewing the event can resolve and classify the event and leave notes so others can understand what happened with it.

Lastly, one of the newer features allows you to call the unit either from your phone or even from your desktop. With this ability, you can talk directly to those on your site and warn them off the property. As you do so, the Command Center will create a recording of that audio as part of the event.

Strong combination

The LVT Platform combines with the top-of-the-line hardware on each LVT Unit for groundbreaking security. We want to give you the best tools to detect, deter, defend your property. After all that is why we built such awesome software to match our hardware.

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