Live Security in Minutes, No Tools Required

LVT security systems can be set up in minutes and the best part is they don’t require any special tools. In fact, they don’t require a single tool.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

My brother recently ordered some furniture for his new apartment. This furniture, like that from an unnamed Swedish store, ships flat and has to be assembled. My brother ordered a desk, a dresser, a nightstand, a bookcase, and a small storage bench. After work, I went to help him start putting it together. That turned out to be a big mistake. Assembling that furniture was torturous. We had subpar instructions and tiny hand tools. On our first attempt, we finished half of a dresser. We needed six hands instead of four, better wood glue, an Allen wrench longer than two inches, and needed to actually read the poorly written instructions. However, the biggest problem was our lack of proper tools. Obviously, my Eagle Scout brother forgot the Scout motto and wasn’t prepared. We spent hours doing what should have taken minutes if we had had power tools.

Since I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to go back and help my brother the next week. However, this time I was going to be prepared. I brought every power tool known to man that my dad could supply. There was no way on this green earth I was going to screw in another five-inch bolt with a wrench shorter than my pinky. This time I was going to teach that furniture a lesson and have the tools I needed. Thanks to a lesson-well-learned and proper equipment, the second time I helped my brother we were able to build all of the remaining pieces.

At LiveView Technologies (LVT) we want to help you avoid this frustration. So instead of sending tiny tubes of glue and microscopic wrenches, we skip straight to toolless setup. That’s right—our 1,800-pound security trailer does not require any tools to assemble. However, this does not mean that they are less secure. In fact, we put multiple security measures and sensors in place to ensure that no one can come and take the LVT Unit off of your property.

We purposefully manufactured our units with toolless setup for several reasons. First, we wanted the setup to be simple. While our trailers look complicated and futuristic, they are actually easy to set up security systems. Our goal is to make security simple for the end user, and that includes the assembly of the unit. So to help avoid over complicating the process, we designed them so they can be built without tools.

Second, we want our mobile surveillance units to have the ability to go anywhere. It’s one thing if our technician forgot a necessary tool if they were putting the unit up in a parking lot of a home improvement store. It’s quite another if they are setting it up at a solar farm several hours away from civilization and left the tool at home.

Third, even though the bulk of our units are setup, removed, and maintained through trained technicians, we still wanted the client to have full access to the unit. This comes in handy when there is an incoming storm, and the unit needs to be taken down or moved inside before a technician can get there. Or if the mobile CCTV camera trailer is stationed at a remote construction site and needs a camera replaced immediately in order to comply with insurance requirements. Toolless setup helps give us, our technicians, and our clients flexibility.

Fourth, the lack of required tools helps with rapid deployment. Since most of our units are assembled and maintained by LVT technicians, this is the feature that directly impacts our clients. Rapidly deployed surveillance is important for multiple industries, including retail, construction, law enforcement, and more. In these industries, incidents like theft or vandalism will happen and keep happening until security is put in place. If clients in these industries were to go with traditional security measures, then they could wait weeks or months to get a plan, approval, and bid on the systems and then even longer while hardwires are run. Often, they cannot afford to wait this long. Everyday is another chance for thieves, vandals, and rioters to come back. The safety of customers and employees, the property and company assets hangs in the balance. For example, one LVT client recently terminated an employee. That employee threatened violence at the workplace, so our client needed strong security fast. They couldn’t wait weeks or months for a complex system to be installed. The other employees at that location were being threatened now. This client called LVT and within two days we had a unit live on the site and the terminated employee never returned.

Toolless setup helps with rapid deployment because once the unit is onsite, all it takes is a couple of minutes and it can be live. No struggling to find the right wrench or screwdriver. No looking for the correct nuts and bolts. Instead, the process is simple and only takes a few minutes for commercial grade, live security.

To learn more about toolless setup, contact one of our security specialists today. To learn more about rapid deployment, check out this blog

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