Five Unique Features of the LVT Platform

The LVT Platform is full of awesome features. Read about some of our favorites.

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March 18, 2021
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

It’s no secret that at LiveView Technologies we are proud of our security solutions, but while we get to see firsthand every day just how cool our products are, we know you might be wondering what makes the LVT Platform so unique. Here are five features that make our platform stand out among the competition. 

Command Center

Command Center is the main hub where you can monitor everything. If an intrusion, fire, or other unwanted event is detected, Command Center will send you an alert immediately. Command Center also makes it possible for users to log events, mark any false alarms, leave notes about specific incidents, and mark incidents as resolved. If you’ve been having trouble keeping your security efforts organized, Command Center is the solution you need. 

Cloud-based organization 

LVT Platform is a highly organized, cloud-based solution that ensures secure live streaming and automatically archived video without the need for costly IT infrastructure. Furthermore, it gives you a great visualization of where all your hotspots are. You can see on a map where all your units are located across a town, state, or even an entire country, and with just a few clicks, you can drill down into a live view of any of your cameras.

User functionalities

Not every employee needs full access to every security camera—that’s why we made sure to include various user permission setting options in our platform. You can give users full rights, only let them see a specific camera, or just about anything in between. Additionally, those with the highest permission settings can see who is logging in and viewing which camera. These user functionality options make our platform truly enterprise-grade.

System analytics

Security surveillance is something you can’t afford to go without, so our platform stores system health history data about uptime, battery, voltage, current draw, and more. Having access to this data allows you to be aware of any potential problems and resolve them before they happen. The LVT team also has access to this data, so we can help monitor your systems and troubleshoot with you when necessary. 

Camera archives

Gone are the days of having to go to a physical location to monitor your cameras or pull video history. The LVT Platform makes it possible for you to look at archived still shots and request video blocks from specific time frames. Within minutes, all the information you need can be right there on your computer. While you’re dealing with other items on your to-do list, our units are monitoring and archiving everything for you, and our units don’t blink. 

When it comes to security and surveillance, you want the best option out there. Don’t settle for mediocrity; contact our team and we will help you come up with a custom solution for your specific needs.

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