Why LVT Delivers an Advanced School Security Tech Solution

Leaders can maximize their patrols by establishing a mobile security strategy—one that can integrate seamlessly within a school’s existing security plans.

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July 8, 2024
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Meg Moore
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As college students begin to compile their back-to-school shopping lists, many parents add personal safety devices to the ever-growing list of essentials.

From carrying an ear-splitting, louder-than-an-ambulance keychain alarm and pepper spray to wearing a smartwatch and downloading a safety app that can alert both friends and law enforcement, feeling safe at school may seem like it requires a lot of gear.

While 82% of college students are concerned about their personal safety, they do believe campus security leaders prioritize it, saying they are:

  • More than six times likelier to say they feel very safe on campus than to feel not too safe or not at all safe
  • About twice as likely to have a great deal of trust in campus security than to have not too much or none at all

“Most universities take [safety] seriously,” Chief Patrick A. Ogden, associate vice president for the University of Delaware Police and president of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) told Inside Higher Ed. “We can’t put a wall around our campus and make it a prison, but we do the best we can to educate students to keep them safe—and to have high-visibility patrols to make them feel safe and to deter crime.”


One way leaders can maximize their high-visibility patrols is by establishing a mobile security strategy—one that can integrate seamlessly within a school’s existing security plans. Since many campus security departments must address a wide range of challenges, from keeping bad actors off-site and securing large athletic events to monitoring not only buildings, parking lots, and pathways, but also protests and demonstrations, officers have a big job to do with limited resources.

And criminals are taking notice.

“Criminals seem to be more opportunistic on college campuses right now,” Enterprise Account Executive at LiveView Technologies Chris Parker said during LVT’s Securing Universities and Colleges webinar. “It's a real challenge and very difficult to try to attack.” 

He acknowledged that thieves understand that when university officials direct their resources toward other major security events, they have a better chance to commit crimes while officers focus on other issues. Parker knows this fact, both as an LVT expert and as a student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

“These guys are smart. They know when the university's resources are around something else, so that is the best time to go after these vehicles because nobody's going


University officials are looking for technological applications to solve their dynamic campus security challenges, ranging from violence prevention to emergency response. From tools that provide access control integration and video surveillance to emergency communication systems and threat assessments, it’s essential to embrace cutting-edge solutions for an effective and multilayered approach to campus safety. 

Some crucial tech-enabled security adoptions that prevent and respond to threats and acts of violence include:

  • Drone and drone-detection technology
  • Entry control equipment like remote-controlled door locks
  • Identification technologies, like RFID-enabled student and staff IDs
  • Video surveillance systems, including facial and license-plate recognition
  • Walk-through and hand-held weapons detection systems
  • Critical notifications and alert systems
  • Duress buttons
  • Online behavior monitoring, response, and student support programs, like anonymous tip lines

But much like fielding a top-level college football team roster, every player in the tech stack must integrate seamlessly and play to its strengths. 

“The goal of a university’s robust surveillance program is to eliminate blind spots campuswide,” Dave Baker, a product manager at LVT, said in a webinar. “Where security systems, especially video, like drones, body cams, and remote video monitoring, were heavily siloed. Now we’re seeing much more integration and cooperation between different platforms, which is much more efficient for users from a security perspective.”


Many university public safety officials credit LVT as a key asset in their fight against crime on campus. Our mobile surveillance system strengthens existing security measures by addressing staffing shortages and leveling up the security information they need to make quick decisions.

For those who integrate LVT Units, backed by its proprietary cloud-based LVT Platform, in their school’s mobile security strategy, the results speak for themselves. The completely self-sufficient remote monitoring surveillance camera system:

  • Augments security teams
  • Deploys rapidly to respond to quickly evolving situations, like protests or sports championship celebrations
  • Adds eyes to remote parking lots
  • Manages crowds during events, from tailgate parties to graduation ceremonies
  • Captures 24/7 recordings and vital evidence for law enforcement
  • Provides robust video analytics
  • Increases safety and security for students and staff

“LVT Units ensure we can deliver on our mission to keep our students, teachers, and staff safe,” said the director of campus security and chief of police for a large public university in Texas.

Other LVT higher education clients have experienced impressive results, including:

  • A 70% decrease in parking lot incidents
  • A 62% decrease in violent crime
  • A 31% drop in disorderly conduct

Parker knew that LVT could put big numbers on the board at his alma mater. With his deep local knowledge of the Big 10 university campus, combined with his LVT product expertise, he helped officials at The Ohio State University create a safer campus experience for students, faculty, and school administration. What started as a 30-day trial turned into an extensive campus security network of LVT Units.

If it’s time to revisit your school’s security plan and deliver smart security solutions for higher education, book a demo from our team and learn why our customers trust LVT to prevent crime on campus.

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