LVT Surveillance Hardware

If you want surveillance hardware—cameras, mount options, sensors—completely customized to your needs, you've come to the right place.

If you need all the bells and whistles like thermal sensors, strobe lights, flashing lights, custom audio, thermal sensors, license plate reading, and more, we have you covered. Or, if you just need something that shows you live video and records video for you, we can help with that too.

LVT cameras and mount options are entirely customizable and based on what YOU need.

And you can set it all up in 30 minutes or less. No wires, no internet, and no electricity needed.

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Camera options

LVT's Live Security Camera Options

LVT cameras fall into two primary categories: D3 and Omni.

The D3 is the the most powerful rapidly deployable security solution on the market with all the bells and whistles (literally, you could actually program the audio to be bells and whistles if you wanted).

The D3 provides full camera control, alerts and notifications, live and recorded video, optional thermal sensors, custom lighting, custom audio, two-way speakers, license plate reading and more. All optional, all custom, all done your way.

The Omni is back to beautiful basics: live and recorded video. All controlled and managed by you in the LVT Platform.

No Internet. No electricity. No wires. No problem.

Surveillance Rapidly Deployed

Traditional security surveillance camera systems take months to plan and weeks to deploy. You've got to run wires, make sure the cameras have electricity, and make sure they have internet.

But with LVT, you don't have to worry about any of that. You don't need to run wires, or set up a bunch of poles on which to mount the cameras. You don't even need to get electricity to the camera units—they run on solar power.

Instead, in 30 minutes or less, you can rapidly deploy LVT's live security cameras whenever and wherever you need them.

Mounting options

Any camera for any situation

Many of our customers love the trailer units that the D3 and Omni cameras can be mounted on. They are mobile, easy to set up, and simple to move.

But, you have many other mounting options too. You can mount them on a pole, on the side of a building, on a wall, on a freeway overpass, or anywhere else you need security.

You can even mount them on a tripod movable by hand.

The options are endless and entirely based on what you need.

Every camera plugs into the LVT Platform automatically

The best part about the LVT cameras might just be the LVT software platform. Every camera is plugged into our world-class VMS and Command Center. You'll be able to zoom, pan, and tilt your cameras. Set up customized alerts and notifications, set up virtual perimeters that alert you if someone is doing something they shouldn't, and even give you health analytics about your cameras.

That's right, every LVT camera is constantly monitored automatically. They self-heal and they alert you when something is wrong—if a battery is losing power too quickly or if a camera isn't behaving properly.

You'll know there's a problem before there's a problem.

The options for cameras, sensors, and mounts are endless.

Completely customizable

You have specific needs with specific cameras, sensors, and mounts. See the variety of options available to you.

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"There will always be a need in certain situations to have a physical security guard, but LiveView Technologies allows the industry to really revolutionize that model."
John Doggette, Director Asset Protection | LOWE'S

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