Rapidly Deployed Security

LVT Units can be set up in minutes.

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February 1, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

In a fast-paced world we are used to quick, sometimes instantaneous, delivery of both goods and services. We can download a favorite movie without leaving the house, receive packages in two days or less, order food that is hot and just waiting for us, or purchase goods from around the world at almost any store. We are not used to waiting. So why should we wait for security?  

Security units from LiveView Technologies can be set up in minutes after they are delivered. In the time it takes to stream an episode of your favorite TV show, you can have livestream and 24/7 recordings of your parking lot, property, or job site on your phone.

The best part about our rapid deployment is, we don’t sacrifice the quality of our products in order to make them set up-able (yes, that is now a word) in minutes. We use top-quality pan, zoom, tilt (PTZ) cameras, high-end two-way speakers, and quality floodlights. We want our units to solve security problems quickly, not create more problems. They can only do that if they are at the cutting-edge.

No internet, no power, no problem.

Our units are rapidly deployable because we do not rely on traditional power or communication links. We don’t have to tear up your lot, set up our units, and then repair your property just to plug LVT cameras in. Instead, our units use a combination of solar panels, batteries, and cellular modems. Additionally, everything is contained in a single, convenient unit. We don’t need to climb on your roof to install a solar panel. Our mobile trailers have everything from the solar panels to the cameras, speakers, and wires included in one unit.

Quick set up with access to cool software

Another cool feature of how rapidly we can deploy our units is—this includes the setup and configuration of the LVT Platform, our cloud video management system (VMS). This is the hub where you can access all your live feeds as well as any footage or photos from your LVT Unit. Each unit automatically pairs with the LVT Platform, but as part of the unit’s set up process we can create bounding boxes so the unit knows which area you want to monitor, and we will help you define what you want the unit’s response to be when someone crosses into that box.

Rapid deployment changes security

Rapid deployment changes surveillance and security. Now, if there is an issue on your property, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to deter it and collect evidence. With LVT you can secure your property quickly, have instant livestream, and record 24/7 all without construction or heavy installation. Furthermore, unlike traditional security cameras, LVT Units are not stagnant. They are easy to move and relocate if you need a better view. LVT Units are adaptable for any situation because they do not rely on traditional power or communication links.

With LVT, you get top-of-the-line security quickly. Our cameras can go wherever you need them and can be set up immediately.

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