Understanding Video Analytics: Maximizing the Potential of Parking Lot Security Cameras

With today's technology, cameras can do so much more than just watch your parking lot.

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January 23, 2024
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Bayley Goldsberry
Marketing Content Writer

Picture this: The night shift is over and it’s time to walk out to your car in the parking lot. It’s dark, late, and there are suspiciously parked cars near yours. You remember an incident that happened in the lot last week with one of your coworkers. You hurry to find your keys, unlock the car door, and hop inside. Your heart is pumping and you feel a surge of adrenaline. Your body is in fight or flight, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation. This is a regular occurrence for you leaving your job, and in your mind, there’s nothing to be done about it. 

…Or is there? The way we look at it, there’s no need to live in fear when simply leaving your job to go home. Here’s where LVT’s mobile security unit with smart video analytics comes in. 

What does it look like to have a parking lot security camera system with video analytics?

Basically, security cameras have evolved beyond simple surveillance tools. Rather than passively watching the goings-on of a parking lot, security cameras with video analytics allow you to actively respond and collect valuable insights on any parking lot situation. 

In this blog post, we delve into the world of video analytics and its potential in maximizing the effectiveness of retail security cameras. From license plate recognition to object tracking and behavior analysis, you’ll learn how video analytics can provide valuable insights, enhance situational awareness, and improve response capabilities. Let’s explore the applications and benefits of video analytics in optimizing parking lot security.

What are video analytics?

Security camera video analytics refers to the use of advanced software and algorithms to analyze video footage captured by security cameras. The main goal is to pull meaningful information and insights from the video data, making the security system more effective. This technology uses computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to automate the process of monitoring and interpreting video content.

How Do Video Analytics Make Parking Lot Security Cameras More Effective?

Rather than just recording the events of a parking lot situation, video analytics make it possible to get specific information about humans and vehicles in parking lot security footage. Some video analytics provide the following features:

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition is when video analytics can extract and interpret license plate information from vehicles. This is often used for monitoring traffic, parking enforcement, or identifying vehicles involved in incidents. 

Object Tracking

Object tracking is identifying and tracking objects or people within the video feed. This is crucial for detecting potential threats or suspicious activities.

Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis is when video analytics can analyze patterns of behavior within the video stream to detect anomalies or deviations from normal activity—things like loitering, sudden movements, or overcrowding. 

There are a ton of video analytic features that make parking lot security cameras more effective, but these are a few of the most recent, up-and-coming features that are attractive for companies who use a retail security camera on their property.

Check out the report from the ACCESS Taskforce to see how retailers use LVT to improve their business, increase safety, and optimize their security

Why Retailers Love LVT’s Video Analytics

LVT Units are in constant flux, meaning that they’re always changing and improving to include the latest technologies—this includes video analytics. Not only are LVT Units equipped with motion detection cameras for real-time monitoring of parking lot activities, they’re getting smarter all the time.

One large retailer saw a 70% decrease in parking lot incidents after setting up LVT Units. 70%! There are many ways we accomplish this level of security, and a lot of it comes from our video analytics. Below are a few of our customers’ favorite features of LVT Units.

Human and Vehicle Detection

LVT Units are proficient in detecting both humans and vehicles at any time of day or night. Using our thermal cameras, we can detect a person in complete darkness. If a hotspot is detected, you’ll know about it. If you’re concerned about camouflage of humans or animals, our thermal cameras can see right through any disguise. Using bounding boxes, our system can detect a human or vehicle and pinpoint their whereabouts within the unit’s range of detection. This makes identifying and apprehending the problem on your property quicker, easier, and more accurate than ever before.

Intrusion Detection

The LVT intrusion detection system can be customized to fit several different perimeters and situations. We make it easy for you to identify your detection zone and set up real-time alerts that vary according to your settings. Control all your settings from your smartphone and keep track of your property—no matter the size—24/7 with no stress.

Line Crossing Detection

Set perimeters for your property through our LVT video management system. Whenever a person, animal, or vehicle crosses that perimeter, you’ll be notified immediately and have the option to talk down to the intruder, activate your unit’s floodlights, or set off an alarm.

Loitering Detection

Several big box retailers use LVT Units to deter loitering on their properties. Set up pre-recorded messages or alarms to alert individuals to leave the property. When alarms are triggered, you can choose to dispatch law enforcement or warn the criminals through the talk-down speakers yourself. 

Unit Health

With LVT’s video analytics, the unit itself is able to identify, self-diagnose, and self-heal unit health issues. This self-healing ability eliminates the need for a field service technician to service the unit every single time something goes awry. Instead, the unit is able to make course corrections and notify us (and you) if something more needs to be done. Genius!

Ready to try it out?

The world of video analytics is ever-expanding in the technology sphere. But what we know is parking lot security camera systems are smarter and more advanced than they’ve ever been. With an LVT mobile security unit, you can provide peace of mind, protection, and safety to the people at your retail stores. Offer life safety and security to your employees working the night shift to show you care. 

With LVT, gain peace of mind with 24/7 surveillance of your parking lot. Schedule a demo today to see why our retail customers love working with LVT.

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