Mobile Security Cameras

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Mobile security cameras deployed in 30 minutes

LiveView Technologies has successfully paired cutting edge security with convenience, mobility, and speed. Get a taste of hassle-free surveillance with a free demo.

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Satisfied LVT Customers

“You could not put a system in a tougher environment than we have, and it has been 100% reliable.”
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Rob Richards

President and General Manager, Intermountain Regional Landfill
"Each unit is a set of eyes where you can't have your own. The cameras also create situational awareness which is the most important part of this job."
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Dennis Young

Public Safety Director, Puyallup Nation Public Safety Division
“During past festivals we’ve had an average of a dozen break-ins to cars. Since we’ve deployed LiveView Technologies, we have had zero. Zero break-ins."
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Chris Watson

Head of Security, Thanksgiving Point
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Mobile, rapid, and wireless

Who has time for a difficult install and a complicated surveillance platform? Not us. And certainly not you. Our dependable mobile surveillance units make it easier than ever to protect your assets. Our dependable mobile surveillance trailers make it easier than ever to protect your assets.

  • Installation in less than 30 minutes
  • No wires, power, or internet required
  • Remote access wherever you are

Solar powered cameras

Not only are we mobile, but we’re remarkably efficient. Discover how our security company uses solar power to ensure peak performance for surveillance units in rural areas.

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Mobile security

Control it all from one dashboard

Secure your perimeter with our world-class hardware and control it all with our powerful surveillance software. Discover how the LVT Platform gives you remote access to all of your live footage, cameras, and hardware.

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Upgrade your mobile security cameras

Our security company helps you bolster your property’s security. Protect your assets from various threats with a powerful combination of high-tech equipment.