How Thermal Surveillance Cameras Protect Your Business

Thermal cameras add another layer of protection to your security.

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April 8, 2022
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Do you want the best security for your business? You can protect your parking lots, grounds, and interiors with security cameras. But for the ultimate protection, consider adding thermal camera sensors, which pick up heat signatures from people and machines. 

What are thermal sensors?

Cameras with thermal sensors can pick up the heat signature from a body. Signs of heat are transmitted through infrared radiation, a form of light that vibrates at a frequency the human eye can’t detect, but our thermal cameras can. 

What objects or bodies create infrared radiation? All normal objects do at different degrees. Everything has at least some amount of heat escaping from it. A thermal sensor detects it, and the camera system turns those signals into a moving image on your screen. 

You’ll see people and objects rendered in several different colors, showing the amount of heat in each area. For example, you might see a bright shape of a human crouched behind the darker shape of a shrub.

Advantages of thermal sensors

Are optical security cameras good enough? Do you need additional thermal sensors? It depends on your business and circumstances. Here are some advantages that thermal camera sensors can give you: 

  1. Detection in all conditions: Thieves can’t use nighttime or bad weather as a cover. Thermal imagery pierces through light fog, smoke, rain, dust, light foliage, and darkness.
  2. Avoidance of false alarms: Thermal sensors coupled with a smart surveillance system will detect moving heat sources (such as intruders) while ignoring common causes of false alarms, such as tree branches in the wind.
  3. Finding hidden intruders: They pick out stealthy intruders with ease. Foliage and dark clothes can’t mask infrared radiation. You can see people who are loitering nearby or creeping through your property. 
  4. Earlier detection: They can display people who are approaching sooner than optical cameras can under certain conditions. Some businesses can benefit from detecting intruders when they are still a distance away, especially at night.

Add thermal sensors to your surveillance system

If you already have a security system, adding thermal surveillance to your cameras can be simple. They can only improve your security, adding another dimension to your detection abilities. Your system may also be equipped to send you an alert when it detects a moving source of heat. 

At LiveView Technologies, we can add thermal sensors to your existing system, along with other advanced crime deterrence features, such as audio warnings and strobe lights. Our units only take a couple minutes to set up and can be deployed anywhere without the need for costly installation. For example, our wireless mobile trailers run on solar power and can be set up anywhere, from a busy parking lot to a remote jobsite. 

Visit our hardware page to learn more about thermal sensors and our other product offerings that can help keep your business safe. Also be sure to check out our recent webinar on thermal radar.

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