Parking lot security 101: Your checklist for a safer parking lot

Solar surveillance cameras can help secure your parking lot. Learn how.

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March 29, 2024
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

If you ever built a fort as a kid, you know that security was a big concern—you had to keep your haven safe from neighborhood rivals, annoying siblings, and worst of all, parents. Maybe you had a secret password or coded knock to get past the sentry post (i.e., your best friend acting very seriously). 

The same way those childhood forts demanded innovative strategies to protect against foes, businesses face the challenge of securing their parking lots from threats. While the risks are undoubtedly higher and the adversaries more sophisticated, the goals are the same: deterrence, protection, and rapid response. 

In this blog, we're going back to the basics and revisiting some of those familiar childhood surveillance and defense practices in the context of parking lots. We’ll share the ultimate checklist to help you secure your parking lot and explain how LVT’s solar surveillance cameras and mobile security units can help you protect your people, assets, and property. 


Parking lot security refers to the measures and technologies used to prevent crime, enhance safety, and ensure a secure environment for vehicles and people in parking areas. This might include parking lot cameras, deterrent lighting, physical barriers, and other tools and procedures designed to deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.


The stakes of a breached fort were a bruised ego, a couple hours’ work gone to waste, and maybe the temporary loss of a favorite toy or comic book. Parking lot security stakes are much higher—we’re talking about the safety of people, the protection of valuable assets, and the reputation of businesses. 

Parking lots are magnets for theft, vandalism and other crimes—they’re easy targets. Most are public spaces, so anyone and everyone can access them, and they’re filled with high-value assets (cars) that are relatively unprotected. 

Consider the following statistics:

  • Motor vehicle theft spiked by 29% in 2023
  • Two cars are stolen every minute 
  • 153,000 catalytic converters were stolen in 2022
  • Parking lots are the third most common location for violent crime

Beyond the direct financial and emotional toll of parking lot crime, the perception of safety in these spaces can influence customer decisions, employee morale, and ultimately, the bottom lines of businesses. 


The good news? The right security plan can dramatically reduce parking lot crime rates. Here’s a checklist that will help you fortify your property.

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Establishing a secure perimeter with managed entry and exit points is the first line of defense. It allows you to control the flow of authorized vs. unauthorized personnel and vehicles.

  • Inspect all barriers, fencing, gate entry systems, etc. for any signs of damage, disrepair, or potential breach points. 
  • Strategically restrict and funnel entry and exit points to establish controlled parking circulation patterns. Too many unregulated access options creates vulnerabilities.
  • Identify any potential climbing aids near perimeter fencing like trees, pallets, or equipment that could be used for breaching your perimeter. Eliminate or relocate them.


Eliminating blind spots and ensuring visibility is critical—it allows surveillance systems and staff to effectively monitor all areas of your lot. Additionally, proper lighting is a powerful deterrent.

  • Ensure parking lot cameras have coverage of your entire lot, especially higher-risk areas. 
  • Invest in thermal imaging cameras to detect threats even in total darkness.
  • Guarantee optimal, continuous visibility with solar surveillance cameras that aren’t vulnerable to power grid outages. 


Regular and intentional maintenance enhances visibility and reduces hiding spots for potential criminals, making your lot a less attractive target for illicit activities. Well-kept landscapes signal to would-be offenders that your property is actively managed and monitored.

  • Routinely inspect your lot and perimeter for any signs of disrepair like litter, damage, graffiti, vandalism, etc. 
  • Keep all vegetation like trees, bushes, flower beds neatly trimmed and manicured to prevent overgrowth obstructing visibility or providing concealment.
  • Ensure exterior lighting fixtures, signage, fencing and any other parking equipment are fully operational and undamaged. 


Ambiguity creates vulnerability. Even the most well-designed lot needs clear rules and protocols to control behavior and provide recourse when incidents occur.  

  • Post prominent signage stating all regulations, hours of operation/closure, towing policies, authority contacts and any prohibited activities. If it's not clear, it won't be followed.
  • If attendants or security patrols are utilized, establish clear protocols for inspections, incident response, authority handoffs, reporting/documentation, etc.
  • Maintain updated emergency contacts and procedures for responders—nearest police/fire, dispatch instructions, site maps, utility info, etc.


Surveillance technology is the backbone of a comprehensive parking lot security strategy. By leveraging the latest advancements in cameras, monitoring systems, and analytics software, you can keep watch over your lot 24/7.

  • Choose a solution that gives you remote monitoring capabilities so you can check on your lot from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Deploy AI-powered parking lot cameras that can analyze footage, detect crime patterns, and identify suspicious activities and behaviors.
  • Make sure the solution you choose integrates with any existing security systems like alarms or access control systems. 


While the days of fort building may be behind us, by implementing the measures outlined in this checklist, you can turn your parking lot into a safe and secure fortress—detecting unwanted behavior, deterring criminal activity, and defending what matters most.

Our solar surveillance cameras don’t just offer improved visibility of your lot—they offer total peace of mind. Since they aren’t reliant on the electrical grid, even when the power's down, your security won’t be compromised. They’re also flexible and scalable, so as your needs evolve or your business grows, your security efforts never miss a beat. And did we mention our units take minutes to set up and don’t require any heavy drilling or installation? When we say LVT is the best security solution on the market, we mean it. 

Whether you need a permanent monitoring solution for remote areas, temporary coverage for events, or adaptable security that grows with your business, LVT will provide the arsenal you need. Contact our team today to learn more.

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