Turn on the lights

Deter crime with LVT security lights 

Everybody knows that crime happens in the shadows. Light up your property with outdoor security lights from LiveView Technologies.

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Increase the power of your security

Control from anywhere

With the LVT Platform, you can control your security lights remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Log in to turn the flood lights on or off, activate strobe, or customize automated settings.

Amp up your parking lot security

Dark parking lots are a hotspot for unsavory activity, which can put your customers and your staff at risk. Improve your parking lot security by setting up some bright flood lights on a timed schedule so they turn on when the sun goes down.

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Ruggedized lighting

Illuminate your property with LVT

By keeping your property and parking lot well lit, you can deter intruders and other criminal activity. Speak with one of our security experts today for a free quote.

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