Harnessing the Power of the Sun: The Benefits of Solar Powered Security Systems

Solar-powered security cameras have multiple benefits over hardwired cameras.

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November 13, 2023
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

The temperature of the sun varies from around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core to about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit at its surface, according to NASA. But as far as scorching hot balls of gas go, the sun is pretty cool. It drives away seasonal sadness and offers us a natural source of Vitamin D.  It warms our skin when we get out of a cold pool in the middle of the summer. It fuels plants and helps drive the water cycle. It keeps our planet inhabitable. 

It also happens to be one of the best energy sources around. In fact, experts say that Earth’s atmosphere receives enough sunlight in one hour to power the electricity needs of every human on Earth for a year. Furthermore, it’s predicted that we’ll have a steady supply of sunlight for another five billion years.

In the quest for sustainable and efficient solutions, solar power has emerged as a powerful force. Its applications span across various sectors, including security systems. Solar powered security systems have gained significant traction in recent years, revolutionizing the way we protect our businesses. By harnessing the abundant and renewable energy of the sun, these systems offer an array of benefits that go beyond conventional security measures. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the numerous advantages of solar powered surveillance systems, highlighting their ability to provide reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly protection. Let’s dive into the world of solar technology and discover why it is changing the game in security solutions.


Reliability is one of the foremost benefits of solar-powered surveillance cameras. The sun is arguably one of the most reliable constants in our universe—it rises every morning and sets every evening, without fail. This reliability ensures that solar powered surveillance systems get the juice they need to continue operating day after day.

Plus, solar powered security cameras operate without relying on the electrical grid, so they aren’t affected by power outages, providing uninterrupted monitoring 24/7. Come rain or shine, day or night, solar powered systems will keep your property secure.


While 90% of executives say sustainability is a priority, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy. As businesses work to reduce their environmental impact, solar power provides a sustainable path forward.

By harnessing clean and renewable solar energy to power security cameras and sensors, you not only bolster your security measures but also significantly reduce your reliance on conventional electricity sources. This reduced dependence on the power grid translates into a tangible reduction in carbon emissions, contributing to a greener and more eco-conscious approach to security. 

In other words, you can do your part to go green without compromising on the safety and security of your property, assets, employees, and customers. 


Transitioning to solar powered surveillance systems allows you to substantially reduce costs compared to conventional surveillance solutions. Once the initial equipment investment is made, the sun provides free renewable energy day after day. You'll avoid the hefty monthly electricity bills required to operate traditional security cameras and systems. 

Moreover, relying on solar power reduces expenses related to fueling and maintaining generators that would otherwise be required as a backup energy source when the power grid is unavailable. Maintenance costs will also decrease thanks to the lack of wiring that is susceptible to damage or malfunctions.

For large retail chains, healthcare campuses, municipal properties, construction sites, or property owners looking to invest in dozens—or even hundreds—of cameras, the savings add up quickly. Solar security can cut total operating expenses by thousands per location, and those savings can be redirected to other critical initiatives. 


While standard wired surveillance depends on grid connectivity, solar systems do not, which means they thrive in remote areas. And because they don’t require drilling, or wiring, they can be set up in under an hour and moved at the drop of a hat. 

Imagine you manage a chain of 50 highway side service plazas spread across rural areas. Running power lines to each plaza would be both logistically challenging and costly. Solar-powered surveillance systems eliminate these hurdles thanks to their unparalleled flexibility and ability to function in virtually any location.


Do solar security cameras work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, solar security cameras can work without Wi-Fi. While some solar powered surveillance cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities for remote monitoring and data transmission, many can function without an active Wi-Fi connection. These cameras can locally store footage on onboard storage devices like SD cards or hard drives. So, even in areas with no Wi-Fi coverage, they can capture and store video for later retrieval.  Additionally, some solar security cameras use cellular networks to transmit data, so users can access live feeds and recorded footage remotely using cellular data.  

Do solar security cameras work in winter?

Yes, solar powered surveillance cameras work during the winter. Solar panels continue to generate power during winter months, although the energy production may be slightly reduced due to shorter daylight hours and less direct sunlight. However, modern solar-powered surveillance systems are designed to be energy-efficient and equipped with battery storage to ensure they can operate continuously, even during extended periods of reduced sunlight in winter.

Do solar security cameras need direct sunlight?

Solar powered security cameras do not necessarily need direct sunlight to operate. While they perform optimally with direct sunlight, they can still function under cloudy or overcast conditions. Most solar-powered surveillance systems are equipped with efficient solar panels and battery storage, which allows them to store surplus energy when sunlight is available and use it during low-light or nighttime conditions. 


If you’re looking for reliable solar security solutions, you’ve come to the right place. From city venues to rural construction sites, our mobile surveillance trailers provide flexible, scalable, effective protection. 

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