Cruise America Eliminated Theft with LVT

Cruise America eliminated theft and improved security using LVT's mobile surveillance units, featuring mobility, durability, reliable power, instant alerts, and local law enforcement partnerships.

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There's a reason the song Life is a Highway resonates with so many people—and it’s not just because of the catchy lyrics and the upbeat tempo that practically begs you to dance along (although those certainly don’t hurt). The song also speaks to that part of us that's itching to hit the road and just drive. It's like a call to break free, see new sights, and live a life of adventure. 

For many, Cruise America turns this daydream into a reality. 

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona and boasting 132 locations, Cruise America is the largest RV rental firm in the United States. Their expansive rental fleet contains vehicles ranging from small travel trailers to luxurious motorhomes.

Our team recently spoke with JF Lescarbeau from Cruise America's Operations Division. With over two decades at the company, Lescarbeau offered insights into their struggle with theft, vandalism, and other crimes targeting their lots and vehicles. He detailed how the adoption of LVT's mobile surveillance units transformed Cruise America’s security efforts and helped them completely eliminate theft.


The threats Cruise America faced varied widely, ranging from harmless situations involving individuals seeking shelter to more serious threats targeting valuable vehicle parts. 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lescarbeau explained, they began to notice a trend in the theft of catalytic converters. Where most incidents in the past had been crimes of opportunity, they were now dealing with systematic attacks orchestrated by organized criminal groups.

The company tried implementing numerous security measures such as cameras, guards, and physical barriers. They even developed their own security cage system. Unfortunately, these efforts just weren’t enough on their own. 

These challenges took a huge toll, both financially and psychologically. Lescarbeau explained that during their slower months when most of their fleet was parked, thefts at Cruise America occurred up to five or six times monthly. These incidents weren't just frequent; they were financially draining, each costing anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000—sometimes even more. Moreover, each loss led to a spike in unplanned workload for both their own team and third parties. 

This pattern of costly and organized crimes led to a crucial realization: additional layers of security were needed. 


After reviewing several options, Cruise America found LVT's mobile surveillance units to be the ideal solution. Several key advantages made LVT stand out from competitors:


LVT's mobile business security systems are incredibly easy to move due to their wireless design. This untethered nature was crucial for Cruise America, given the frequent movement of their fleet in and out of lots. The ability to strategically reposition these units as needed meant that Cruise America could maintain effective surveillance despite the ever-changing landscape of their vehicle storage areas.


LVT Units are durable. They’re built to remain operational despite tampering or physical damages and, thanks to various locks and security mechanisms, they are nearly impossible to move without proper authorization. Since deployment, Cruise America has witnessed this impressive durability firsthand. In one instance, a criminal threw rocks at one of the units on their lot in an attempt to disable it. Despite some broken glass, the unit continued to operate effectively. 


LVT Units are equipped with adjustable solar panels, which allows them to harness solar energy as effectively as possible. They also come with backup batteries to ensure that they continue operating even when sun exposure is limited. This dual-power approach ensures uninterrupted surveillance and was a standout feature for Cruise America as they did not like the idea of relying solely on solar power.


LVT Units offer instant alert capabilities—so when a security breach is detected, alerts are sent directly to the Cruise America managers' mobile devices via an app. This enables them to respond swiftly to potential threats by sounding an alarm or alerting and dispatching authorities, therefore minimizing damages or losses.


Cruise America has even used LVT to contribute to wider community safety. They allow the local police department access to their surveillance feeds, which aids in conducting investigations beyond Cruise America's properties. Whenever unlawful activities occur near Cruise America’s lot—even on adjacent properties—the local police department is able to utilize any relevant LVT footage to further their efforts.


After rolling out LVT's surveillance technology across various locations, Cruise America has seen impressive improvements.

  • Catalytic converter thefts eliminated: Since installing LVT's surveillance units, Cruise America has eliminated catalytic converter theft. This translates to thousands—or even tens of thousands—of dollars in savings monthly.
  • Intrusions and break-ins halted at Mesa facility: Cruise America’s Mesa facility previously faced multiple security breaches on a monthly basis. After rolling out the LVT Units, the site has successfully eliminated intrusions and break-in attempts.
  • Peace of mind for employees: The presence of LVT Units provides peace of mind for Cruise America personnel, especially those working late nights alone. 
  • Criminals unsuccessful, even in difficult markets: Despite ongoing criminal attempts in high-crime areas like San Francisco, since the deployment of LVT, there have been zero successful thefts.


Cruise America's story is just one example of how our advanced security solutions can solve complex security challenges. Thousands of businesses use LVT to detect breaches, deter crime, and secure their lots. 

Interested in achieving similar results? Contact our team today to learn how LVT can be customized to meet your specific needs and take your security to the next level. 

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