Why I Joined LiveView Technologies

LVT is a game-changer company that still has heart.

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July 21, 2021
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Brian McFadyen
Mid-Market Account Executive in Mid-Market Sales
LiveView Technologies

When contemplating companies to join, I've always looked for companies that were game-changing and had heart.

Game-changing companies make an impact on markets, industries, and sometimes the world as a whole. When those companies come along, everyone wants to jump on board. Customers clamor for the product and services, investors want to join the fray and earn a payday, and people want to join the team to be part of the success story.

Companies with heart have a huge impact on the people that work there. They have a culture of inclusion, teamwork, and family. That culture extends to their customers so that the relationship becomes more than client/vendor, it becomes partner and friend.

The sad truth in this world is that, in most cases, you can’t have both. It’s one or the other. But then there are rare occasions when the two collide, and it’s something amazing to witness.

LiveView Technologies (LVT) is such a company. Game-changing with heart!


LiveView Technologies is a security platform born in the cloud and built specifically to provide data analytics and operate in the IoT world. Anything you want to monitor, measure, and secure, LVT has the solution to manage it.

LVT started by helping departments of transportation nationwide solve a huge problem—how to monitor and secure extremely remote locations where there was no power and no communications. Not only that, but how to do it cost effectively.

LVT created the technological marriage of redundant cellular capacity, top shelf security hardware, and best in class software to provide a low latency, always active, and user friendly solution. You've probably seen these pole mounted, solar security setups while driving through mountain passes.

However, fixed and stationary solutions were only the beginning. Pretty soon, the focus moved to mobile security systems. Mobile security systems were built to be easily deployed, moved, and redeployed. They were built to withstand the elements. They were built to run under their own power. They were built to prevent ne'er do wells from pulling up, hooking up, and driving away with the units. In short, they were built to provide active security and monitoring no matter where you are located.

Driving this world class technology is the patented blend of edge control board, hardware, and software that drives:

  • Best of breed data analytics
  • Best in industry latency (meaning next to none)
  • Best in industry uptime (96.57%)

Where most security systems require frequent downtime and considerable technician resources to continue running, the LVT systems are self-monitoring and, the majority of the time, self-healing.

You’ve likely seen a LiveView Technologies mobile setup in the parking lot of major retailers or at a professional sports game. Perhaps you saw them on a construction job site. Wherever you’ve seen them, they stood out as a literal beacon to detect, deter, defend the company, the customer, and the employees.

In fact, one major retailer’s loss prevention team has dubbed these mobile wonders as safety and brand enhancers. With a 70% drop in parking lot crime and 30% drop in in-store crime at the locations where the LVT Units are deployed, employees and customers feel safer as they work and shop. Those stores have become known as safer and more pleasant places to shop.

LiveView Technologies is a true “no-brainer” for the loss prevention, asset protection, and security and safety efforts of any organization, in any industry, in any part of the world.

Game-changer plus heart

All companies seem to tout their amazing culture. They call themselves a team. They call themselves a family. Most, however, fail at truly building that type of environment. C levels focus on investor profits. VPs focus on C level happiness...and it continues down the chain.

LVT is different. The same feeling you felt as they tried to woo you to the company continues as you join the team...the family. It’s genuine. Big egos give way to the good of the team. The C level leadership is focused on seeing everyone happy with their roles, as well as successful in them. They are as concerned with you taking care of your family as they are with you doing your part for the company. Praise and compliments are genuine. Everyone is quick to help a co-worker in need, whether it’s a flat tire, or proofreading a quote.

This feeling of team, of family, has lent itself to the next big piece in the heart of a company—maniacal customer focus. Customers are cared about. It’s not a reactionary focus like most companies where the customer isn’t helped until they raise their hand with an issue. No, LVT is proactive in their customer focus. Seeking out issues before they arise, counseling customers on small adaptations, ever improving the technology and the customer experience. Employees value the customer and seek to provide greater value and service because they themselves feel valued by the company, it’s leadership, and their co-workers.

All of this is accomplished in the absence of foosball tables, ping pong, and free food. The people are there for each other and it shows.

As if this wasn’t enough, the owners announced during the 2020 Christmas party, with a gesture of true appreciation for every single employee, that all employees were receiving stock in the company. Not just director level and above like so many companies, but everyone.

The list in the heart category can go on, but the bottom line is this: If you are a person who values working for a truly game-changing company with truly humble and caring people, LVT is the place for you. And if you are a company in search of services from a truly game-changing company with a culture of care for the customer like no other, then LVT is the partner for you.

Here’s to many years of changing the game and caring for people!

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