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No matter how remote the event or how limited the infrastructure, LVT security trailers can help make public safety a priority.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Every year my family goes to the Utah State Fair. We love the deep-fried foods, the animals, and the artwork. In fact, my brother even entered a project he had to do for school and won a blue ribbon and a whole $4 in prize money—well $3.25 after accounting for his entry fee. He was pretty excited. He was also in college.

But part of the reason we go is to people watch. Hundreds of thousands of people come from around the state to enjoy the fair and it is fun to grab some deep-fried cookies or fluffy donuts, sit down in a grassy spot, and just watch as these people come and go.

From a security standpoint, events like state fairs or other festivals create many headaches. Suddenly, there are thousands of people in a single, normally remote, location that has little to no infrastructure. What is more, the event will last anywhere from a few days to a month and then those thousands of visitors, vendors, and participants are gone. The trick for security professionals is to find a reliable way to ensure security and safety at the event in a timely manner, often without power or connectivity, and then be able to remove the security just as easily once the event is over so no resources are wasted.

This is where LiveView Technologies shines. Our security camera trailers are perfect for events and festivals because of their mobility, functionality, and reliability which increase public safety and augment security forces.


LVT surveillance trailers have a standard towing package that can be hitched behind a truck, SUV, or other capable vehicle. Once at the event location, they can be fully deployed in minutes. They require no wires or hookups and can be stationed in the parking lot, outside of a building, on a street full of vendors, or even in a field. Furthermore, they use solar power and cellular connectivity so they do not need established infrastructure.

If you find that you need security in a different location as the event progresses, the unit is simple to relocate. Then at the end of an event, the unit can be taken down and deployed elsewhere. All of this is done with zero construction and installation.


During an event, the security trailers help in multiple ways. Of course the cameras help record what’s going on around them. The footage from a LVT Unit can be accessed from any web-enabled device, including smartphones, with a simple login and password. It is easy to review recordings as well as the live feed. Once logged in, end users can also manipulate the cameras, lights, and speaker. This means that a security manager can access the unit while at the event and move cameras, play audio messages, review footage, and more to increase their situational awareness. For example, they can direct other security personnel or even use the footage to help find missing children, catch thieves, and more.

The units also help deter wrongdoing at the event. They are flashy (literally) and easy to spot. Thanks to the cameras, lights, speaker, and other sensors, the security trailers are proven to prevent crimes from happening at events because they take away opportunity and increase the risk of capture. Would-be criminals see the trailers and know that they will be recorded and potentially caught if they persist.


LVT mobile security camera trailers are the most reliable in the industry. They have the highest uptimes and can even function at night thanks to built-in batteries. Our units are built to withstand their environment and anything that mother nature can throw at them—rain, snow, and wind. They are made with redundancies and failsafes to limit potential maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, we have top-notch support staff that helps you set up, manage, and use your LVT Units. Our technicians and customer success team are here anytime you need them. In fact, if something breaks, we have certified technicians across the country who can respond quickly to keep your security running.

Case Study

State fairs, festivals, and other temporary events still need security. For example, the Puyallup Tribe in Washington needed a way to secure remote properties during yearly events. These areas had little to no infrastructure. “The LVT Unit sure works,” said Public Safety Director Dennis Young. “I can’t believe the difference it makes. It works great in the night and even during the rain.” Learn more about how we help at remote festivals and events by reading this case study.

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