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We work hard to ensure LVT Units are live and functioning properly.

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

A couple of weeks ago, the air conditioning at my home went out. If you live anywhere in the Western United States, you know it has been a particularly hot summer, and without AC it was like living in a hair dryer stuck on high. But one blessed repairman, Curtis, came to our house on the weekend, early in the morning. He went above and beyond to save us from the horrific heat only to find that the system just needed to be reset.

For every Curtis out there, there are repairmen you are still waiting on. You know what I mean. Everyone has been held hostage while waiting for the cable guy, internet technician, or the appliance repairman who may or may not turn up sometime between now and next week during the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. It’s frustrating and obnoxious to rearrange your schedule. It’s even more annoying when they come, don’t have the part, and need to make another appointment once they get the correct part.

Things break. It is just a fact of life and unfortunately this includes LVT hardware and software. At LVT, we try to emulate Curtis’ example when it comes to repairing our units. We know how important security is. That’s why it is our goal for our units to have the highest uptimes possible. Part of high uptime is managing any repairs quickly and efficiently.

Typically, software issues can be fixed remotely. But how do we fix the hardware when we’re in Orem, Utah and the unit is in a small parking lot in New Jersey or on a mountain in West Yellowstone?

First, we build LVT Units to last and preemptively build in redundant processes and structures to help prevent the need for urgent repairs and maintenance. How we power our units is a great example of this. They use a combination of solar power, batteries, and smart generators to ensure that they never lose power. Furthermore, we also program the edge controller to manage small maintenance issues. It monitors the health of the unit and can restart individual components, which helps avoid unnecessary visits to the unit.

Second, we work with contracted repairmen and technicians around the country. Each one is trained and certified on LVT products. This helps decrease our response time no matter where the LVT Unit is located across the country. If a new part is needed to make the repair, we overnight the parts directly to the technician.

Third, we have a support and technical team dedicated solely to deployed LVT Units and customer service. They proactively repair and correct issues often before the client even knows there is an issue. Our goal is when an issue is identified to have a repair scheduled, parts delivered, and have the technician on site within 24 hours.

Recently, we made a few changes to how the release on the trailer tongue is built and a client reported an issue with the locking mechanism on the tongue of their LVT trailer. This LVT Unit was in an extremely remote location, but the client was willing to work through the issue with our support team. With the client’s help, we found that the trailer tongue release was missing a lock washer. Without this single small part, the trailer tongue release had disassembled in transit.

Because of its remote location and the client’s abilities, the client was willing to fix the unit himself. So, we overnighted the necessary part to him and walked him through the repair process. This happened on a Wednesday. By the end of the week, we had already helped the client repair the LVT Unit. Within days of this event, we were able to spec out a parts kit and identify any trailers that may have had the same issue. By the end of the next week, we already had the repair procedure documented and a kit ready for deployment. This involved multiple departments—everything from the support team to manufacturing.

Every repair situation is unique, but we work with the client as well as our certified technician. We have the ability to work quickly and across departments and teams to ensure our clients are taken care of. Our units have some of the highest uptimes in the industry and we want our customer service to be equally great. We are transparent when repairs need to be made and in the process of how we make them. We want to be like Curtis (my AC repairman and one of my new favorite people in the world) who goes and beyond to make sure the units are working.

If you have questions or need help with one of your LVT Units, be sure to contact the LVT Technical Support Team at 888-588-9408 or at If you are interested in learning more about LVT and our product offering, be sure to check out our product page.

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