On Camera: The New Age of Retail Security and Deterrence

Learn more about mobile security units and how they help in loss prevention efforts.

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May 29, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
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The idea of merchants protecting their wares goes back as far as the idea of the merchants themselves. Six-thousand years ago, ancient civilizations like Rome and Mesopotamia protected their goods with hired guards and secure locations. Fast forward to the early 1900s and security methods—unlike the products themselves—remained largely the same: security guards and secure locations.

It wasn’t until about 50 years ago that the game changed completely. The game-changer? Security cameras.

The ability to observe from another location and record vital evidence gave expanding retail operations the means to monitor and address theft and shrinkage on a new, larger scale. Retail store security cameras continued to evolve, going from clunky VCR-integrated systems to the sleek IP cameras of today.

These advanced cameras, coupled with artificial intelligence and remote monitoring capabilities, have ushered in the new age of retail security.

Intelligent Retail Loss Prevention System

The original purpose of security cameras was to document important evidence in the case of a crime or other issue. While this form of passive monitoring plays a vital role when it comes to solving crimes and prosecuting criminals, advancements such as intelligent motion detection, remote monitoring, and two-way speakers allow for active monitoring and total peace of mind.

Intelligent motion detection like LiveView Technologies’ Advanced Detection allows you to set up specific perimeters for alerts. This ability puts your system to work for you as a virtual watchdog, immediately notifying you if things are not as they should be and saving you from attempting to stare at a boring screen for hours on end.

Advanced detection can tell the difference between objects, wildlife, and people while also giving you the ability to draw perimeters on when and where people might be out to cause trouble. Taken a step further, artificial intelligence can tell the difference between regular visitors and loiterers, a significant distinction as loitering is often a precursor to more serious problems.

Improve Situational Awareness and Response for Retail Security

Alerts triggered by advanced detection capabilities are great, but they wouldn’t be particularly useful without their remote-capable counterpart. Remote monitoring capabilities allow you to check your camera footage at any time, from any place. Paired with certain kinds of cameras, such as pan, tilt, zoom cameras, remote capabilities allow you to adjust your sightlines to follow incidents as they progress.

Through the use of a connected remote monitoring platform, such as the LVT Platform, users can drastically improve situational awareness. The ability to immediately locate an incident and then seamlessly switch from camera to camera allows you to follow and monitor an incident in progress in a more efficient way than would be possible in person.

Cameras allow you to track incidents faster than you could on the ground, but they offer another advantage as well: night vision. When equipped with thermal or night vision technology, cameras are able to see in low light and even no light situations. (Thermal cameras even allow you to see through camouflage as they rely on temperature instead of light to generate their images.) A remote security system with night vision for crime prevention can be crucial for safety purposes since violent crimes are more likely to occur at night.

In addition to monitoring live footage, remote-capable cameras with a connection to the cloud can store any important footage virtually. Cloud storage not only is more protected than onsite storage, but also allows you to share relevant footage with investigators and other parties easily as needed.

Paired together, remote capabilities and advanced detection offer the ability to immediately respond to any threats. This allows you to notify your security team or law enforcement while an incident is in progress (a vital distinction when it comes to speeding law enforcement response times). Mobile security units enable you to trigger an immediate reaction on-scene, activating flashing lights and loudspeakers to scare off wrongdoers.

Mobile Security Units: The Best of All Worlds

Mobile security units take the best in new camera technologies, detection capabilities, and remote monitoring and wrap it all into one self-contained package. Not reliant on outside power or even Wi-Fi, units like LiveView Technologies’ mobile security unit can be deployed within minutes.

Each LVT Unit houses one to three cameras (with configurations customized to your specific needs), draws power from solar panels, uses a cellular connection to the cloud, and can be equipped with speakers and lights. LVT Units connect to the LVT Platform and integrate easily with existing security, allowing you to scale as needed to keep your business secure.

This complete package comes as the next step in the camera’s evolution as a security watchdog and response unit, helping you protect both your people and your product.

Interested in taking your security to the next level? Contact LVT for a free demo today.

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