What Are LVT’s Security Solutions?

LVT offers two enterprise security solutions. Read about them here.

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January 23, 2024
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James Wang
Marketing Writer

Safeguarding your business, assets, and property along with personnel and clients can be a daunting task. It makes one wish they could point a bat-signal to the sky whenever any potential danger lurks. Keeping watch and protecting it all requires around the clock dedication and commitment that would make even the trustiest superhero yearn for a break. That’s where mobile security systems can come to the rescue.

When it comes to enterprise surveillance systems most can agree that they want something dependable, flexible, and adaptable to their needs. Something that eases their minds and is easy to use. We all know that crime and bad apples don’t take days off, so we need a mobile security system that is just as committed.

LiveView Technologies offers two turnkey options streamlined to cater to your business’ needs —everything you need, ready to go in two powerful products. 


The Omni is a standalone mobile unit that boasts a single PTZ camera which allows for an all-encompassing 360-degree view of its surroundings that has the capability to capture images even in the dark. The powerful optical camera integrates with the LVT Platform and app which gives you seamless access to watch a live feed or recorded video wherever you are, whenever you want. The added benefit is the ability to manipulate or move the camera remotely if needed—every zoom, pan, and tilt, controllable from your fingertips via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The Omni is an adaptable surveillance solution in that it can be mounted to any sturdy fixed object such as a building, standalone pole, or our mobile trailer and can be moved or relocated as needed. Flexibility is at the forefront. It provides the ability to keep an eye on your business, property, or parking lot in real-time while also recording it to a remote cloud-based system for replay at your convenience.

The system is powered by both solar energy and batteries ensuring that your surveillance isn’t tethered or limited by any wires, cords, Wi-Fi, or electricity sources. Complete mobility to meet your surveillance needs. And less wires and exposed components can mean less opportunities to be tampered with.

The D3

The D3 is LiveView Technologies’ most robust security solution. While the Omni is a more passive solution, the D3 is a comprehensive system aptly named to represent its ability to discover, deter, and defend.

It starts with each unit outfitted with three sophisticated wireless cameras that provide unparalleled surveillance coverage. It’s ideal for high traffic areas, where having multiple angles and reducing blind spots are critical. The system can be customized to include cutting edge technologies like thermal, optical, or fisheye cameras to provide an added level of detection. Like the Omni, the D3 provides both real time surveillance and video playback remotely through LVT’s cloud-based system and through the app. Each standalone unit is completely mobile and can either be mounted or moved to a standalone trailer or affixed to the side of a building, roof, or any fixed structure like a post or beam. The D3 is also similar to the Omni in that both options do not require wires, internet, or electricity to function which allows for further flexibility in where you position the units. Both the D3 and Omni connect automatically and seamlessly to the LVT Platform, through remote cloud VMS—no wires, no Wi-Fi, no problem.

Where the D3 really stands apart is its ability to actively deter. The mobile unit possesses both audio and visual deterrence methods to stop unwanted behavior in its tracks. When set off and activated, the D3 will employ both high wattage flashing strobe lights and bright floodlights to illuminate and bring attention to any unwanted activities in the vicinity of the unit. In addition, a two-way loudspeaker can be used to communicate emergency announcements, warnings, or can even blare a pre-recorded message or alarm as another method to discombobulate and dissuade criminal behavior.

The D3 offers a cutting-edge and integrated approach to provide not only passively recorded surveillance video but real-time monitoring with active deterrent mechanisms to prevent and protect in the moment.

The Omni and D3 provide two powerful turnkey solutions for your business depending on your specific needs. Whichever system you choose, having a mobile security presence can be a significant part of a layered approach to protecting your business, employees, and clients so you can rest assured that your piece of Gotham City is under watch 24/7.

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