Crime Prevention Unleashed through Remote Access Surveillance

Learn the importance of remote video surveillance in ensuring property security, emphasizing how real-time access and advanced detection can prevent incidents and provide peace of mind, even in remote locations

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June 21, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

The quiet at night can be deceptive.

It was an hour after I’d shut my 3-year-old’s bedroom door for the night. I hadn’t heard a peep from the baby monitor, so I finally started washing the dishes, a noise-making chore I save until I’m certain the kids are asleep.

One *clink* in and I heard it: “MOOOOOOOOOOOM! I NEED YOU.”

It’s easy to make assumptions when we’re flying blind in a situation, especially when we think we know what the outcome will be. But, as my dish disaster showed, silent doesn’t mean asleep—just as silent doesn’t mean secure.

Starting the dishes too early only cost me an eye roll, a snuggle, and 20 more minutes of silence. Assuming a property or business is secure when it’s not could cost much, much more.

Remote video surveillance takes the guesswork out of the equation. It gives you the ability to know for sure what’s going on at your property because it allows you to visually check in at any time from any place. Paired with the right software, these remote camera systems can alert you as soon as something is not as it should be, potentially saving you thousands in stolen or damaged property.

Benefits of Remote Video Surveillance

Security cameras are one of the most effective and commonly used measures when it comes to property defense. When cameras are obviously placed, they deter theft and other mischief by their mere presence. But when those cameras aren’t capable of remote video surveillance, they’re only doing half the job they could be.

By using remote-capable cameras in your security system, you go from only passive monitoring (which allows you to collect evidence after an incident occurs) to passive monitoring AND active security (which allows you to intervene during—and sometimes even before—an incident).

Remote guarding gives you benefits that can’t be matched:

1. Access at any time in any place

Remote access lets you view your video feeds at any time from anywhere that has an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, on your couch, or even on vacation on the other side of the world: if you can access the internet, you can access your cameras.

In addition to verifying any security threats, this functionality also allows you to check in on project progress and monitor workflow as needed.

2. Identification and verification of suspicious activities

When paired with advanced detection, remote-capable systems can alert you when things aren’t as they should be, whether that’s movement outside of normal hours or other suspicious activities. (Thanks to the advancements of motion detection capabilities, advanced detection can distinguish between animals, swaying tree branches, and actual people, filtering out false motion alerts.)

Some AI-enhanced technologies can even identify behaviors such as loitering, which is often a precursor to other, more serious issues. As AI isn’t distracted by appearances, it is able to focus solely on behaviors, catching irregularities people might miss.

These detection capabilities are able to alert you, your security team, or third-party monitoring services whenever something is amiss, allowing you to verify any problems.

3. Immediate response

Being alerted to security concerns as they happen gives you major advantage: being able to respond as an issue unfolds.

Once you’ve verified suspicious activity, you can contact your security team or law enforcement personnel, who are significantly faster when it comes to responding to a crime in progress than a crime where the perpetrator has already left the scene.

With security systems such as mobile security units, you also have the ability to activate flashing lights and loudspeakers, often scaring off perpetrators before they do any more damage.

Mobile Security Units: Remote Access for Remote Locations

Remote locations without existing infrastructure create a special challenge when it comes to security needs. These properties can range from critical infrastructure sites to construction sites, and they all come with tempting targets for vandals and thieves without a built-in means of defense. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: mobile security units.

Equipped with solar panel technology, mobile security units, such as the LVT Unit, don’t require outside power to operate. Using a cellular connection, these self-sufficient units connect to the cloud and directly to a mobile platform, allowing you to remotely view your remote locations without any extra hassle.

Third-Party Remote Monitoring Services

While live remote access gives you the option to watch your security feeds all the time no matter where you are, it doesn’t mean you should spend all your time glued to your screen. While advanced detection alerts help you know when to check your security feed, you can take it a step further by hiring a third-party service to monitor your video feeds for you.

As a way to improve efficiency, LVT’s third-party partners work on an alert-by-alert basis. These trained professionals are able to verify the situation and respond appropriately, notifying you, calling law enforcement, and/or using the unit’s loudspeakers to speak directly to trespassers.

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