Choosing the Right Security Company

With so many security companies out there, why should you choose to partner with LiveView Technologies?

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January 24, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

I come from a family full of food snobs. My mom, my aunts and uncles, and my siblings are excellent cooks. I openly admit that I am a food snob. I have been spoiled by excellent home cooking my whole life and am overly judgmental at restaurants, diners, and at people’s houses. The life of a food snob is a hard one. You can't enjoy some perfectly good meals, highly rated restaurants disappoint, and don’t even get me started on the disasters that ensue at potlucks.

Almost every Sunday, my siblings and their families come over and we enjoy a wonderful meal together. While my family is awesome (if you’re ever lucky enough to meet one of them, you’ll see for yourself just how awesome they are) and I love getting together, we already do it every week. Furthermore, I eat great food all the time (see the above rant/crisis about being a food snob). For those two reasons, Thanksgiving dinner isn’t too far out of the ordinary at my home. However, there is one thing about Thanksgiving dinner that is always special and that is the pecan pie.

I love to bake and know how to make a delicious pecan pie. Unlike the turkey, the potatoes, beans, stuffing, and other dishes which take hours, a pecan pie is actually very simple. You literally mix the filling, pour it in the crust, and bake it. But those simple steps make for a delicious, mouth-watering, potentially life-changing dessert. However, for some reason, we only make pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

I look forward to Thanksgiving for a single slice of pie. It’s that simple because that is what makes Thanksgiving special for me and different from other family meals.

Security companies are much like Thanksgiving is for me—very similar to the rest. So, what makes LiveView Technologies (LVT) different? How are we like the pecan pie and how do we stand out from the rest of the security companies out there?

Anyone can put a similar camera up and even rig it to run off of solar power. It isn’t that difficult. Search for it on YouTube and you’ll find detailed instructions. But LVT is much more than just a couple of cameras, a tall mast on a trailer. We’re much more than just solar powered security cameras.

The edge controller

The biggest difference comes from something you can’t actually see. It is our edge controller. This is the brains behind every LVT Unit. It controls the unit, collects inputs, acts as a translator between different features, and more. The edge controller is responsible for everything else that makes LVT unique. It collects data from all of the different sensors and puts them into an accessible format on the LVT Platform. Furthermore, it is also preprocesses the data and is programmed to alert the end user when something on their property requires human attention. Lastly, the edge controller also manages the health of the unit. It can self-heal many features by identifying which is malfunctioning and restarting just that element. It also collects health data from the unit so you know how your unit is performing at any time.

Rapid deployment and easy mobility

LVT Units can be set up in minutes and require absolutely no construction to set up. They do not require you to run power lines or internet cables in order to get live feeds. Rather they run off of solar power and cellular connectivity. You can put them anywhere you want/need (literally—we have some on top of a mountain) and you aren’t tied into that position forevermore after the setup. Instead, as a job site changes or your security needs shift, the trailer can be easily relocated.

Maintenance and IT

At LVT, we use a subscription method. That means we don’t just drop off an 1,800-pound trailer with cameras on it and leave you to run with it. Rather, we deliver it, set it up, train you how to use it, and continue as your IT and maintenance support for as long as you’re an LVT customer. If something breaks, we’ll fix it. If you’re having issues with uptime or cameras connecting to the LVT Platform, we’ll work with you until it is right. We’re security experts, so let us take the security off your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

Happy Thanksgiving

We at LVT are extremely grateful to our clients for your continued trust in us. With so many security companies out there, we are honored that you choose us for all your security needs. Lastly, be sure to enjoy your pecan pie. Happy Thanksgiving from LiveView Technologies.

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