Anyone Can Put a Camera 22 Feet High

If anyone can put a security camera up, why should you partner with LVT?

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April 8, 2022
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

When fully deployed, our D3 Mobile Units are 22 feet tall and weigh over 1,800 pounds. While this is impressive, anyone with enough time could produce a similar product. So, if anyone can do it, why should you choose LiveView Technologies?

The LVT Platform

The LVT Platform is what makes us unique. This powerful bit of software engineering wizardry is what sets us apart from everyday security options.

Every LVT Unit automatically comes with access to the LVT Platform. This is where end users can manipulate their cameras, access live footage, and see past recordings and images. This is also where any alerts from the unit are sent and managed—all on a convenient cloud-based system. This means users can access livestream and archived footage from anywhere in the world through a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Think this is cool? It gets better.

The LVT Platform is also equipped to manage features besides the cameras. For example, through the LVT Platform and its accompanying Command Center, end users can connect through their phone or desktop to the two-way speaker and talk down to anyone near the unit. This allows users to give live, not recorded, warnings and more. One client uses the speaker to talk to employees as the come and go from work so any bystanders know there is active surveillance.

The LVT Platform also runs system analytics. Our units routinely run health checks on themselves and generate a report for the end users on the LVT Platform. Everything from uptime to the battery health and the current power draw are made into an easy-to-read report. That way end users and LVT will know if something is wrong with their unit. This feature also allows the units to self-heal different issues that can occur.

Let us be IT

The LVT Platform takes the mess of creating a high-end video management system (VMS) away from the end users. Instead, they get all the benefits of a top VMS without the headaches of dealing with networks and storage. Let us be IT and do what we do best—mobile security and VMS. That way you can focus on what you do best, whether that’s retail, transportation, or law enforcement. 

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