Reliable Backup

Bolster your solar power

Ensure your security units operate under any and all conditions with smart generators from LiveView Technologies. Contact us today for a free demo.

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Power Your Security

Our smart generators 

When solar energy is not enough, LVT bridges the gap with green, smart generators, outperforming traditional diesel-powered models while caring for the environment.

  • Better fuel-efficiency
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased runtime
  • Remote monitoring
  • Cold weather performance. 
  • Cleaner and quieter

The perfect generator for solar backup

When external conditions hinder the sun from fueling your security trailers, you can count on our smart generators to automatically pick up the slack. This product is the perfect solution for frequent poor weather conditions.

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Increased Performance

Better safe than sorry

Give your security equipment the boost it needs to protect your assets 24/7—no matter the weather. Deploy LVT’s green smart generators for solar backup and heightened performance. Learn more about our security systems and how they were build to for the outdoors.

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