Construction Surveillance

Secure your construction sites and stop theft by instantly setting up LVT surveillance units wherever you need them, within minutes.

Then, login to the secure LVT Platform and see live video, recorded video, and get alerts and notifications if something looks sketchy. You can even use thermal sensors and license plate readers, if you need them. And when that job is done, hook the camera unit to your truck and take it to the next job site.

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Rapid Deployment

LVT units set up instantly, from jobsite to jobsite.

One of the biggest hurdles you face on the job is that you have no way to keep your site, your machines, your tools, secure.

LiveView Technologies fixes that problem for contractors. Within minutes you can roll up a mobile LVT surveillance unit, set the camera up, and you're recording video. You can monitor your site day or night. Set up alerts and notifications when someone enters your perimeter, and use thermal sensors or license plate readers to see what's happening at night.

And you can see it live OR recorded anywhere in the world. Just log in to the LVT Platform and your construction site is safe.

Click here to see how one residential development company used LiveView Technologies to keep their jobsite safe.

Completely mobile

Easy to move, easy to set up

The LVT mobile units easily hook to your truck. And when you get to your new jobsite, you simply unhook the camera unit and set it up.

Do you need an IT guy? No, you don't. Using our install guides, you can set up the mobile camera units in mere minutes. You don't need wires or internet.

And the best part? You can log in to the LVT Platform from anywhere on Earth at anytime and check up on your project. View your cameras, see if subcontractors are doing their jobs, and even check on deliveries.

Notifications, Alerts and access

We don't blink, so you can.

You're busy. You don't have time to sit around and watch surveillance cameras all day.

So don't.

Instead you can set up alerts and notifications when someone enters your site at night, or when a piece of equipment moves when it shouldn't. Or if a blacklisted license plate enters your site. You don't need to watch the live feed all the time because we don't blink.

No wires. No hassle.

The LVT camera units are completely off the grid and wireless. Simply tow them behind a pickup to any site, anywhere. They don't need internet, wires, or even electricity. They just work.

Fancy Features

You want the camera to sit silently and record video? Great. Or if you'd like strobe lights, speakers, audio, thermal sensors, and even license plate readers, that's great too.

Solar-Powered Surveillance

LVT has designed our systems to work "off the grid" and "on the edge" in the most remote locations. These are areas where power sources aren't available. No problem for LVT.

Health Monitoring

The only thing worse than not having surveillance is having a system that's unreliable. That's why LVT gives you an entire dashboard dedicated to the health of the hardware.

Thermal Imaging

Most jobsite vandalism and theft happens at night. So with LVT thermal imaging, no additional lighting is needed. This is the latest in video surveillance.

Access Any Jobsite

Simply log in to the LVT Platform to see live or recorded video from your sites. Set up alerts and notifications to go straight to your inbox.

Actively Deter

The simple presence of an LVT camera unit on a construction site can decrease or eliminate theft or vandalism.

Video Investigation

Let's say someone isn't deterred and decides to cause trouble anyway, well now you have video of the entire event.

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