Parking Lot Security

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Cover Your Lot

Parking Lot Security

Cover all your bases—and parking stalls—with weather-resistant, reliable outdoor security cameras from LiveView Technologies (LVT). Whether you’re on the premises or at home eating dinner, count on real-time surveillance footage of your parking lot, parking garage, or other parking facility.

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We’ll Be Your Eyes

High-Resolution Cameras for Clear and Detailed Footage

LVT cameras provide high-resolution footage of your property, day and night. Keep an eye on suspicious activity, deter crime, and augment or replace security guards.

  • 32x zoom
  • 600ft human intrusion detection
  • IP and thermal cameras for nighttime visibility

Check out our thermal security cameras for optimal visibility in parking lots.

LVT Night Vision
Remote, Mobile Security

Gain Peace of Mind with 24/7 Surveillance of Your Parking Lot

Ensure the safety and security of your employees, customers, vehicles, and property around the clock. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system utilizes advanced technology to detect any suspicious activity and provide real-time alerts, allowing you to take proactive measures to safeguard people and property. With our reliable surveillance solution, rest assured knowing that your parking lot is always under watchful eyes, giving you the confidence to focus on what matters most.

See What We Mean

Remote, Mobile Security Cameras for Parking Lot Protection

Secure your lot with detection hardware. Set up custom alerts and real-time notifications so you never miss a beat.

Reduce Incidents

Increase Safety and Deter Crime with the Presence of Visible Security Cameras

Parking lots are one of the most common locations for violent crime. This is preventable with the right security solution. After deploying LVT Units, retail customers saw:

  • 70% reduction in parking lot incidents
  • 62% reduction in violent crime
  • 69% reduction in grab and go theft

Turn your parking lot into a safe and secure location for customers, employees, and other members of your community. 

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Lend a Hand

Easily Identify and Provide Evidence for Any Incidents That Occur on Your Property

Be a part of incident response with LVT’s cutting-edge parking lot security systems. Our advanced cameras capture high-resolution footage, ensuring clear and detailed images of any events, from minor accidents to criminal activities. With seamless integration of recording and storage capabilities, accessing footage for investigation or legal purposes is effortless and efficient. Whether it's a hit-and-run incident or vandalism, our system empowers you to swiftly respond and provide authorities with indisputable evidence, facilitating quick resolution. Invest in peace of mind knowing that your property is equipped with the tools to deter wrongdoing and protect your personnel.

Safety and Security

Enhance Customer and Employee Safety by Ensuring a Secure Environment

Improve employee and customer retention by improving employee and customer safety. No one wants to visit an establishment where they don’t feel safe. With LVT, not only are you proactively deterring crime, but you’re also attracting business. 

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We Won’t Shut Down

LVT Withstands Weather of Any Kind

Whether you’ve got extreme heat, rain, hail, or even a hurricane, LVT can withstand it all. Our solar powered cameras and rugged hardware can function even in the roughest of conditions. Parking lots aren’t immune from extreme weather—neither are we. Check out some LVT footage from a hurricane to see for yourself.