Keeping Your Business Safe: Top Benefits of Mobile Security Systems

Read 5 reasons why mobile security systems are right for your construction site.

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January 23, 2024
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Nikki Siegel
Marketing Writer

How can a $15,000 attempted theft cause $70,000 worth of damage?

Just ask a cheese company in Franklin that had three men break into their construction site and cause severe damages in their attempt to get away with copper pipes and wiring. The thieves were caught and the product recovered (slightly lessening the damaging impact of their visit), but the attempt serves as a sober reminder of the importance of jobsite security. Had the cameras not instantly alerted local authorities, the product would not have been recovered and these men would have been free to rob another site, causing just as much damage again and again.

Construction site theft costs the industry an estimated $1 billion annually, highlighting the critical need for mobile security solutions for construction site monitoring. After all, ensuring the safety of your business premises is of utmost importance to protect your investments and maintain smooth operations.

Traditional security systems, while able to serve some businesses well, are impractical when it comes to businesses like construction companies where the resources and locations are constantly changing. Fortunately, mobile security units offer a range of benefits that can enhance the safety of your business, providing the flexibility and constant surveillance construction sites and other outdoor businesses need.

Fast and Easy Setup

A mobile security trailer contains the camera, the mount, the power source, and all the bells and whistles (well, technically strobe lights and loudspeakers, but close enough). The best part? It takes minutes to have your system up and running.

Forget painstaking wiring and permanent poles—everything you need is already conveniently in place.

Even though these systems connect to the cloud to store your video feed, you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection as these systems use cellular connection, giving you an easier, more reliable way to connect with your live feed and past recordings.

Thanks to solar panels and a backup power source in each mobile security trailer, outside power sources are unnecessary, which is especially convenient at the beginning of a construction project when the project often has little-to-no connection to the grid.

When a construction project is completed and a new one begins, mobile units are as easy to pack up and transport as the rest of your equipment, allowing you to transfer that security and peace of mind to the next jobsite.

24/7 Protection

What’s the difference between a security guard and a security camera? (Aside from cameras costing approximately 85% less, that is.) Security cameras don’t get sleepy, bored, or distracted while on the job. You don’t even need to pay them extra for covering the night shift.

Each camera covers a wide area, with the ability to zoom in on and follow potential problems. These cameras can catch license plate numbers, zoom in on faces, and identify abnormal activity.

As a massive bonus, cameras with the proper night vision and thermal imaging additions can see in low lighting and in complete darkness. (Thermal imaging even gives you the ability to see through camouflage, which basically makes it the Superman of construction site security.)

Instant Alerts

While you are welcome to monitor your own cameras around the clock, advanced motion detection makes it so you don’t have to, alerting you to any unusual activity as soon as it happens.

With the assistance of motion detection, the units can alert you at any time of the day or night, allowing you to quickly dispatch law enforcement or security personnel if needed. And in the meantime, the strobe lights and sirens connected to your mobile security unit serve as a loud-and-clear warning to would-be vandals and thieves. This quick action allows you to minimize damage or loss, especially since law enforcement is much faster to respond to a crime in progress than one where the criminals already got away.

Remote Monitoring

Mobile security trailers use cellular connectivity (instead of Wi-Fi, which is more easily disrupted and less accessible) to connect to the cloud, allowing you to access live footage or video playback at any time in any place from any device. This enables you to check on progress, alerts, and safety concerns from the convenience of your office, your house, or your other jobsites.

The storage on the cloud also ensures the security of your footage archive as the cloud is protected by its own strong cybersecurity, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Flexibility and Customization

A jobsite might consist of a quarter acre… or it might sprawl over 20 acres. Construction sites are as diverse as the clients commissioning them.

With that diversity, the mobile security solutions for construction site monitoring need to be flexible and easily customizable. Fortunately, mobile security trailers are more than up to the task with quick, easy setup and limitless scalability.

As project sites develop, cameras may need to be moved with the arrival of new high-value targets or now-obstructed sight lines. Likewise, businesses may notice problem areas over time and need to adjust their unit location accordingly.

Mobile security units are compatible with a variety of third-party devices, allowing you to easily customize and expand your set-up as needed, and LVT offers flexible plans to fit any budget.

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