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February 1, 2024
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

LiveView Technologies (LVT) provides cutting-edge surveillance technology. We combine proprietary software and hardware for a completely mobile, cloud-based security solution. Our units do not require wires or internet, can be set up in minutes, and can be deployed anywhere in the world. 

Every LVT Unit pairs with the LVT Platform, our video management system (VMS). It is a highly organized, cloud-based solution that ensures secure livestreaming and automatically archived videos without the need for costly IT infrastructure. The LVT Platform is where clients can manipulate their cameras, see live feeds, and review past recordings. It is a user-friendly system that allows for easy review and transference of data without the high price tag. Since most security footage does not need to be viewed, the programming in the LVT Platform helps identify threats and alerts the user when something requires their attention. The events that are identified as threats are stored on the cloud, while the 24/7 footage is stored on the unit unless it is requested by the end user. That way broadband is not wasted on transferring unwanted footage, but still allows the end user to easily access their data.

Unlike traditional security solutions, we rely heavily on overt security solutions. Our hardware is easy to spot and we purposefully draw more attention to our units by equipping them with strobe lights, floodlights, and two-way speakers. Each of these features use top-of-the-line hardware and each connects to the LVT Platform. Furthermore, our units are completely mobile and require no power. Instead, they combine solar power, batteries, and generators when necessary. This allows our units to be deployed anywhere—whether that is a busy street corner or a remote job site.

The flexibility of LVT Units is a breakthrough in the security industry. Now clients are not limited to on-premises monitoring systems. Rather, they can access their LVT Unit(s) from their desktop at work, their laptop at home, or their smartphone from anywhere in the world. LVT takes the power of 24/7 surveillance and puts it into the palm of our clients. But placing security on the cloud goes beyond just remote access. This also means that our customers are not burdened with the upkeep, updates, reboots, and management of on-premises software and hardware.

Furthermore, LVT makes security proactive instead of reactive. Traditional covert security and surveillance helps for evidentiary purposes. Our technology goes beyond this with active deterrence to dissuade crime and alerts users the instant there is an incursion on their property, giving property owners an opportunity to act before damage is done.

One of the most impactful lessons we learned as we developed our technology was how powerful deterrence is on location. After we released our first product, a surveillance only camera, we saw how differently people behaved when they knew they were being recorded. That’s when we started to develop, refine, and add more deterring elements to our units. Steadily, we added more attention getting details like flashing strobe lights and floodlights, a two-way speaker, and trailer modifications in addition to creating the LVT Platform and edge controller to manage and activate these sensors.

Today, our customers continue to see an immediate difference when they use our overt, deterrence base systems. Instead of stagnant reactive video surveillance, our systems allow them to take action during an incursion and have the opportunity to prevent damages.

With our technology, we have three main goals. First, is to increase safety for our clients and their customers. By providing the first cloud-based, entirely mobile, full security solution, we are giving customers in law enforcement, retail, construction, and more another tool to increase safety.

Second, is to help our customers make informed decisions by providing them with actionable intelligence and data. LVT Units help our clients see trends and important insights into data they didn’t have before. With the increase in information, our clients can make better decisions and increase safety on their property.

Third, is to provide a flexible security solution. We customize the cameras, the mounting options, the settings, and alerts and notifications so we can meet each client’s needs. We can set up a LVT Unit in minutes without heavy installation or construction. Our units are easy to set up and just as easy to relocate. That way we can not only meet our client’s immediate security needs, but also adjust to their future needs.

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