What Does LiveView Technologies Do?

People ask us everyday what we do. This is our answer.

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April 8, 2022
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Kailey Boucher
Marketing Writer

When LiveView Technologies was founded in 2005, we were on a simple mission to provide a way for homeowners to watch the construction of their houses. Soon enough, home builders wanted to use our technology to monitor their sites. Over the years, we have expanded our services and we now offer security solutions across multiple industries to some of the largest companies in the world. Even though we’ve evolved and expanded significantly since the time we were founded, our mission is still simple—to provide the best hardware and software security solutions on the market and keep businesses safe. 

Software solutions

The LVT Platform is what makes us unique—and every LVT unit automatically comes with access to it. Thanks to this incredible piece of technology, you can access your cameras and see live footage from anywhere in the world. You can also use the LVT Platform to see past recordings and images from your cameras, as well as manage and respond to alerts. You can even use the Command Center, our video management hub, to enable two-way speaker talk down and send live warnings or messages from your phone to your Live Units.

One of the greatest advantages of the LVT Platform is that it records system health analytics data, so you’ll never have to wonder about the condition of your cameras. Our software tracks everything from uptime to battery health and current power draw. Having access to this data allows you—and the LVT team—to become aware of any potential problems and resolve them before they happen. 

Hardware solutions

In addition to enterprise-grade software, we offer a variety of hardware solutions. From thermal cameras to fisheye cameras, the options we offer are nearly endless. You can even choose how and where to mount our cameras—on a trailer, a fixed pole, a tripod, or even on the side of a building. No matter where you need security monitoring, we’ll develop a custom solution that will work for you. 

Our hardware options don’t end with cameras. Whether you simply need units that will allow you to view live and recorded video of a site or you need all the bells and whistles like custom lighting, two-way speakers, license plate reading, and more, we've got you covered. The best part is that since our units are solar-powered with cellular connectivity, they require no electricity, wires, or internet.

So, what does LiveView Technologies do? We offer smarter, more customizable security solutions than any of the other options out there. Your business is unique, so why would you choose a generic security solution? If you're ready to learn more, call us! 

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