The Three D's of LiveView Technologies

With the D3 Security Solution, you can detect, deter, defend your property in real time.

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July 21, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

The heart and soul of LiveView Technologies is the D3 Security Unit. First developed in 2016, this mobile unit is your one-stop security solution. It is completely customizable from its sensory inputs to the type of cameras, making it easy to meet your needs. Also, it does not require weeks or months to install. The unit does not rely on traditional hardline power or  communication links so it is quick to deploy, relocate, or take down. No matter how you choose to create or mount your D3 Unit, it is equipped to accomplish three things—to detect, deter, defend your property.


The first step to preventing any loss, damage, or other incidents on your property is to detect them. Detection starts at the core with the LVT Edge Controller. This is the technical magic that combines advanced proprietary on-board hardware and LVT’s award winning cloud software. Version 4 of the LVT Edge Controller allows for a convenient cloud-based management console providing 24/7 streaming video, instant access to past footage, and powerful search and analysis capabilities available from any location or device. This means that you are alerted to any intrusion or potential threats on your property instantaneously and can assess it in real time. You don’t find out about an incident after-the-fact. Instead, the threat is instantly detected, and you are notified through the LVT Command Center.


Once a threat is detected and assessed, the D3 security head is equipped with sophisticated hardware to dissuade trespassers. In fact, just the unit’s presence on your property often acts as a deterrent for criminals. Furthermore, the unit has multiple mounting options so you can decide how visible you want it to be. If you want the mobile trailer in your parking lot, we can do that. If you want it mounted on a pole, a wall, a tripod, or a building, we can do that too. You decide what is the best option to deter incidents on your property.

However, if the unit’s position is not enough of a deterrent, it is equipped to handle multiple types of threats. Between the strobe lights, flood lights, and a two-way speaker, the D3 unit will autonomously warn trespassers that they are on private property and that they are being recorded.


If the threat persists, you can call law enforcement and now have the perpetrators recorded thanks to the thermal and optical cameras. Furthermore, D3 security has more options available to help defend your assets, including thermal radar and 360° panoramic camera. In short, it can have all the bells and whistles you need to help secure your property.

The D3 provides full camera control, alerts and notifications, live and recorded video, and more. It is a full turnkey solution for perimeter detection, deterrence, and alert-based monitoring. Furthermore, in coordination with the LVT Command Center you can see the alerts on your mobile device no matter where you are in the world. With D3 from LiveView Technologies you can detect, deter, defend anywhere at any time.

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