The Product Is Important, but the Outcome Is the Hero

While our product is cool, what we really care about is the outcome it produces.

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April 8, 2022
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Karina Jacobs
Senior Technical Writer
LiveView Technologies

At LVT we love our products. We are nerds who do this stuff outside of work too, playing with code, researching what’s cutting edge, ideating a better design, practicing a new weld, or simply seeing what everyone else is doing that’s different. We’re not obsessed, we are passionate about the components each department contributes that makes up the products. One of the LVT founders said, “It’s important to be passionate about your work here. If it becomes just a job, something needs to change.” If we don’t like our product, chances are the customer will not like it either, but most importantly, it’s probably not doing the best to detect, deter, defend.

We’re known for keeping our products agnostic, meaning it’s compatible with your favorite camera or existing command center. We provide flexibility because we want our clients to be happy with our system as much as we are, to cut through as many obstacles as possible so they can get to experiencing peace of mind as soon as possible. Our world isn’t perfect; people make bad choices all the time, but we have built systems that serve as a reminder of accountability and responsibility, to prevent these choices from happening at all.

And sometimes it’s not about bad choices, but about making better choices. In the mountainous west where LVT headquarters are located, there are long stretches of highways and backroads between towns that get buried in snow and are impossible to drive through…sometimes. It used to be that municipalities sent plows anyway, every day during winter, just to ensure roads were clear and safe for travelers. A lot of times these plows would waste a day driving to the middle of nowhere to plow nothing. With our self-powered units, the department of transportation can look at live feeds day or night and determine when plows are needed, saving time and resources.

Or, it’s about saving lives. A side effect of our presence along these empty miles of interstate has been just that. With standard bounding box and motion detection technology, an alert can be sent notifying authorities of a car accident in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night so that emergency rescue is dispatched right away, instead of waiting for a patrol to pass the area or for another driver to notice.

Most of the time, it’s about protection. Protecting what belongs to clients as much as protecting trespassers from harm. Thermal cameras see in the pitch black of night and alert monitors of intruders. Our units have a speaker with a unique two-way feature, allowing the person monitoring to speak directly with the person trespassing, providing a clear line of communication for explanations and expectations prior to taking action.

We are constantly improving our tech to prevent loss of property and lives, to save wasted time and unnecessary effort. Our scope is beyond being some big brother, it’s why we geek out over our work. Our craft is to be a presence where no one else can be, to be eyes when they are needed most, and ultimately to provide peace of mind. The products are important, but the outcome is the true hero.

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