The Benefits of Security Alarms

Alarms are a strong deterrent to criminals. Just having one can deter up to 60% of burglars.

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August 16, 2021
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Noelle Baldwin
Marketing Content Manager
LiveView Technologies

Most people start the day by hitting snooze once or twice (okay for me it is closer to three times) for those extra precious minutes of sleep. I am convinced that anyone who says they like alarms in the morning is lying. They may like the results of them (for example, I like that an alarm will wake me up so I can get to work) but it is a rare person who is excited to hear the alarm go off. However, alarms have a purpose—to get your attention—and they do it very well.

Alarms surround us so it’s kind of ironic that they still get our attention. Every time our cell phone rings, it is a type of alarm. Further examples are smoke detectors, school bells, emergency sirens, and even those buzzers at restaurants that alert you when your food is ready. Each of these grab your attention for a different purpose.

When a security alarm sounds, it definitely gets your attention. I’m not talking about the “We must have failed to remove a security device” alarm at the store exit that politely invites you back to the check stand. Instead, I am referring to the pierce-your-soul, mortifying alarm that sounds when someone breaks in. Security alarms are made to deter the criminal, to alert them that they’re presence is known and that law enforcement is on the way. However, they also deter criminals from entering in the first place. In fact, studies have shown that 60% of burglars look for alarms before attempting a robbery, and the majority of those say they would move to a different target if they saw an alarm.

If they enter and the alarm sounds, most criminals will run before the police or security can get to the location. They may still have the opportunity to take something, but the alarm puts a time limit on how long they will stay in the building. Most of the time the alarm is the difference between losing a couple hundred dollars and a couple thousand.

LiveView Technologies employs alarms in our units because they have such a high deterrent factor. We use a two-way speaker to create a security camera alarm system. Our clients can use the speaker to create customized alarms that automatically trigger when someone trespasses on their property. Messages like, “You are trespassing please leave the area,” and “You are trespassing! Law enforcement is on its way,” draw attention to our units and instantly alert potential criminals that they are under surveillance. Sirens and other alarms can also be played through the two-way speaker. Read more about how we use the two-way speaker here.

Our goal is to deter criminals from entering your property in the first place. Internal security alarms help, but alarms in your parking lot or at the perimeter take away even more opportunity to steal. 

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